Targeted Individuals: Why Vigilante Stalking is so Foolish, Illegal and Carried Out By Stupid, Ignorant, Idiots!!!

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Labor Day 2017 at a house or turn around for this USPS person on 116. Takes a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America – Stalking and “The right to a fair trial” come into play here
  1. Targets, I haven’t talked about this much, but here is one of the Vigilante Stalkers/Harassers tricks: They do something to their hair or faces. Today, I figured out that this is like monkeys. Playing with their hair. Surprise! Some at work. A lot at work? Anyway, twist their hair, pull at their hair, use their hands to smooth down their hair, pick their noses, put their tongues in between their teeth and the inside of the mouth, ………………any way to either: get you distracted or to let you know they are there…………………….another Stepford move by a Stepford town in a Stepford car. If you haven’t read a “Wrinkle in Time”, you would get a sense of what they are trying to do. Look like stiff stepford people. Also, the Truman Show. That came out not too long after my first meeting with these people.
  2. Do I personally know the puppetmeister? Maybe. If so, they can also drive someone else’s car. Well, some of them do drive someone else’s car. Guess they can swear on a Bible or which ever book they swear on that they weren’t driving that car “on the day in question”.  So, which car was it that I saw on the 5 freeway? Oops.
  3. I would NEVER hurt another person knowingly or willingly. 1996 – They were wrong and slunk away. Mild mania – get over it. 2013 – horrid persecution followed by depression 5150 (“nervous breakdown” in the olden days), faked my way out had to be 5250ed. I’d tell you to talk to someone who has gone through this, but they sure as h e double hockey sticks would not talk to YOU. Police/firefighters ONLY see those people who are at the 5150 or 5250 or they are violent and there is no where for them to go but to jail – in our society. There is someone (plus my X in 2013) who feels like he HAS to be right. No, we don’t know any people like that do we? Oh, 1996 was the Polly Klass trial. That made it seem like it made sense in some weird way. If it had been left at that……………………….I would have let it go. I bet this whole movement started because of events like that. Horrid! I didn’t live here then, but was shocked when my sister called. I was in MN. Not Petaluma. Not anywhere. The stay in touch tactics were so much more rudimentary. Maybe little mikes or something.

2. The Vigilante Stalkers who follow me consist of many with children – in the car or walking along with them – or riding their bikes. Innocents. Let me get this straight. So, any person going through this constant harassment will break. They WILL break down mentally. I know, I have been through this before. I broke. Now, I won’t. BUT, those who ride around with their kids.…………..are you so confident that a target won’t snap and lose control. Stupid, stupid, stupid?  

3.People who participate in Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking against Targeted Individuals / Survivors are violating basic human rights as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written after WWII (and our sixth amendment).

4. There is a head (puppetmeister or two), plus four or more hands that don’t know what each is doing. Things shown or said about target is taken out of context. I can see a video tape with me going towards a car over near the Mormon Church in Sebastopol, CA. What is not told is that that car had been sitting there with its lights shining on me for a long, long time. Or, I follow someone around a corner because they are driving a white car. I am not sure who it is, but it could be a relative. The other hand doesn’t tell the other stupid people that white cars have been dodging and baiting the target for days. The next night about 8:30 I did NOT follow the two postal trucks over on that street and around the corner. Police waiting? Who knows?

5. Gang Stalkers make really, really stupid mistakes, targets. Just be ready to document, document, document. Ah I realized why some were running around more ants like today. Photos of People. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Is that how it goes? Targeted Individuals. If you can push, they push back and that is when they get stupid.  Really, two United States Postal Trucks with Federal employees inside – On Labor Day. One on a street off of the 116 still where it is pretty much country and this:

6.There is a very close resemblance between the stalkers and the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan of old hid behind white robes. Your mob members hide behind hats, lights, arms, hands, tint, picking at your faces (doesn’t faze me), playing with your hair, hide behind plates:  fake dealer plates, scratched out plates, asphalt covered plates.  No better and if it wasn’t serious, you would look like a bunch of fools.

      1. You think this is doing good even if you have questions about why I am being targeted – like why wouldn’t I have been at Mark West in Santa Rosa or while subbing the year before? Doing more harm towards our country than getting someone off the street.
      2. If you stupid stalkers had used all the money and time towards helping get a just sentencing system (or placement for so many months after for the guy in Rohnert Park) and towards helping young people “recover” from physical and mental abuse……….you would be so much more ahead.
      3. Putting separation of church and state in jeopardy. There are QUITE a number of church members from some churches. When this comes out, and it will given the technology, there will be questions raised. One question that has come up for me is: how many people from certain churches tend to give jobs and other perks to people who have the same beliefs? Nepotism, but of a different type.
      4. This makes no sense from a psychological point of view (and it didn’t in 1996). Test to see if someone will: go after someone or his family members from 1996, teens, young ladies, anyone.
      5. Don’t know if this fits, but (sarcastically) kids never lie because they don’t want to get in trouble, or their parents tell them it’s for a good cause or to get back at someone. Guess the male teacher who was only teaching due to the union wasn’t found to be completely innocent. The girls weren’t lying. Nah. Never happens, right? How naive are you?
      6. Violating human rights as written after WWII and tearing down our country. Can’t be called a democracy if violating the Sixth Amendment of the United States of America. Particularly when those who have taken the oath to uphold the Constitution are breaking the law and their fellow officers…………..turn away. How about that investigator into police matters at Starbucks in Sebastopol?
      7. Churches who have been fighting the label of cult (one for over a hundred years), have put some nails in their coffin. Control is the name of the game when it comes to cults. Have luck with that one.
      8. If you are not a “Christian” and are doing this, or even if you are, there is a pretty strong movement in this country to get it to be a Christian country. Never mind that the biggest conflicts have been over one group foisting their view on others
      9. Some of you are participating with, what you would view as extreme and very vile people. Probably skinheads, white supremacists, pro Confederacy, anti-Semitic.
      10. Ten. If you participate in any type of vigilantism you should never serve on a jury – EVER! No matter what your I.Q. is, you may have some type of smarts, but are an idiot as far as what it takes to be a jurist.
      11. Gang Stalkers are bullies and they are cowards. The members of the KKK who wore hoods were cowards. Just like these idiots, they would go about without their hoods and try to be normal – but they weren’t.
      12. You have doubts, but you have a loved one who is in law enforcement, is a fire fighter, you are a fire fighter, retired or serving Vet.……….and you can’t possibly wrong. Nor can these wonderful public servants lie or pass on lies (slander).
      13. Mob Stalkers are stomping on the Constitution of the United States of America. Idiots!
      14. You are slapping the faces of those who have nobly fought for this country and STILL follow the laws of the United States and the Constitution of the United States of America. The Veterans of WWII fought the Nazi’s to keep THIS type of punishment without a trial OUT of the FREE world. Along with: My uncle, Wiley R. Martin who dropped bombs over Dresden knowing full well that he was killing innocent people – but he couldn’t think of that at the time; my dad, Fred Emmett Switzer who took a year to be able to join in order to strengthen his eyes (nah, he cheated on the eye test); my mother in law, Mary Jane Tooker Campbell who was an army nurse in Washington; my father in law, Colin Bruce Campbell who was a medic. He got malaria and met his future wife at the Army hospital. I don’t care if you ARE a veteran. Fighting for freedom means fighting for the laws of the United States of America!!!!! My cousin flew troops to Vietnam and at over 60 years old he had to fly kids to Afghanistan. I have a cousin who had been fighting agent orange poisoning. He fought it for years, but passed away not long ago.
      15. Some of these idiots are putting their religious or personal beliefs ABOVE the pledge they signed to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Whoa. When that comes out…………..
      16. SO – YOU LOSE. I’ll be damned if anyone is going to put my kids or the rest of my family through hell another time.
      17. There IS video or  pictures of me acting totally looney. If you know the context, again, in the world of trying to stay in control and sane, my actions make perfect sense. Like scared to death that someone will steal yet another computer from me. I park as close as I can to CVS. Then I keep getting out to move the car closer to the door 2012. Directing traffic from in front of Friedman’s with a cool flashlight that I bought. “Hey, YOU are under my control. The vigilante stalkers really are. They can’t read my mind and I go – they follow.
      18. There is a Sheriff’s Deputy or someone else from 1996 who just HAS to be right – because HE is never wrong, what would he do? (along with the help of my X – recording voices, a mom turned into Child Protective Services recording me with my kids trying to get them to line up. I AM totally ineffective and have a high pitched voice. Video/audio forensics?
      19. One night of hell in the summer. I somehow got hold of something that gave me the worst nightmares ever. Afraid to go to sleep the next night. It is the head of the beast that knows the answer. Oh, religious and good people wouldn’t go that. Ha! Study history.




Rantings that were up above. On my soapbox. Random thoughts.

Oh, I know. A teacher. I can’t remember if this was the town that uses the Deputy Sheriff’swas there for? But, only one vehicle was there at that point. It was a truck or SUV and it was put on a big flatbed carrier. I got to see my van go on one – not so big – the Monday after I stopped working. My van broke down on the 280. Hmmmm. If I go by tomorrow there should be some damage or something fixed as evidence that this occurred, right? There has to be a record of it, right? Evening. After dark. I noted the time on a voice recording. So, far no one has won the bet, though someone came really close. Do they really want to? The Petaluma Police vehicle on the corner of Sonoma Mountain Parkway and Ely wasn’t a canine unit but was an SUV. My dad would be happy to pay for a ticket and higher insurance rates were he alive. In your honor dad! as their police force. Strange that the Sheriff’s vehicles pulled over at the side of the road with lights flashing happened in 2010-2011 I believe. Why then and this now? Could it be just because I saw this in 1996-1997, then the sheriff who looked at me with hate in 2008, then this in 2010-2011, then at one right school in 2012-2013 and now? Sacrifice one to keep this going? Or, because I take: Ambien ER, Effexor 150 mg, two clonazepam, Lamictal – sometimes Benadryl at bedtime and someone took advantage of that. Maybe added a little hallucinogenic which caused a night terror where I was a creature surrounded by horrid creatures. Had to force myself to go to bed the following night.  I found this so disturbing. Last summer. I looked up all possible causes.

FYI – For those who know nothing about bipolar disorder……………I once filled out a form for a new doctor and put down all my meds. He kept asking me about the pills. I finally said that I have bipolar disorder. Oh, he dropped it and went on………………….No problema. I gave up the idea of being careful with Tylenol when I could see thoughts crossing in my head – in 1997. The only time that I had a hypomanic episode with bits and pieces shining through for a few years, but no. In 2013, it was depression caused by intense anxiety, caused by YOU. WHY don’t you talk to my five nephews and – only one niece – great niece old enough to talk to. Barbara Clark of Petaluma, California. Mrs. Joynt of Petaluma School District, retired. I told her. She could tell I was scared to death to venture out. I will think of the other teacher at…………….I worked almost one year as an assistant until…………Oh yeah. I had to quit in March because I was depressed…………………..stopped Paxil, went through chemo. Why not talk to my family. OR this really is about just playing “telephone” and stupid idiots………………Oh……………..numerous aids………………….Gail. That is why this didn’t go on at Mark West. Not enough gullible people. ……….and maybe not enough fake news……………………but there should have been, because this went on at the right place………………Oh, so many more………..Yes, the principal there at MW. Really? The one lady I could see…………but as luck or fate or God would have it, her sister was my 2 day a week caregiver. ………………Oh, it wasn’t me. I think that job opened up many times. NO matter WHAT, my relatives would go, no……………………….no way. I had to convince all

the adult family members in my family that, yes……………….I had a six week manic episode and acted like a drunken fool in front of someone a few times. I am very  honest. Turns out. To a fault. Oh, not since dealing with you people.

I decided years ago that once I take my meds, even in a dire emergency I DO NOT DRIVE. WILL NOT DRIVE. I will call a cab. And probably sleep on the way to wherever, though I have stayed up all night taken my pills and was fine the next day.

DON’T do the crime if you CAN’T do the time.


was there for? But, only one vehicle was there at that point. It was a truck or SUV and it was put on a big flatbed carrier. I got to see my van go on one – not so big – the Monday after I stopped working. My van broke down on the 280. Hmmmm. If I go by tomorrow there should be some damage or something fixed as evidence that this occurred, right? There has to be a record of it, right? Evening. After dark. I noted the time on a voice recording. So, far no one has won the bet, though someone came really close. Do they really want to? The Petaluma Police vehicle on the corner of Sonoma Mountain Parkway and Ely wasn’t a canine unit but was an SUV. My dad would be happy to pay for a ticket and higher insurance rates were he alive. In your honor dad!

big rush to keep me from making a U turn. I decided it was silly to go such a long way. The Puppetmeister (same person as the one on the five?)………………….did s/he call the shots? Well, any accident would be made public record, right. So on 9/5/2017 in Petaluma, CA there was a smashed truck. Really smashed………………….on the corner of Ely and Corona………..with a Highway Patrol vehicle that I am 145% sure was there for? But, only one vehicle was there at that point. It was a truck or SUV and it was put on a big flatbed carrier. I got to see my van go on one – not so big – the Monday after I stopped working. My van broke down on the 280. Hmmmm. If I go by tomorrow there should be some damage or something fixed as evidence that this occurred, right? There has to be a record of it, right? Evening. After dark. I noted the time on a voice recording. So, far no one has won the bet, though someone came really close. Do they really want to? The Petaluma Police vehicle on the corner of Sonoma Mountain Parkway and Ely wasn’t a canine unit but was an SUV. My dad would be happy to pay for a ticket and higher insurance rates were he alive. In your honor daimportant constitution (which is mentioned quite a bit in the Declaration of Human Rights) is the 6th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Targets. Is your county a democracy? Not with people taking away this basic human right to a trial. Impartial trial. Hey, you present the evidence. I will go to trial. I would even serve time in jail if found guilty. That is my right. I am 145% sure that some of the people who are most responsible for seeing that the sixth amendment is followed are participating in my gang stalking. I avoided this crazy can of worms for months. But, no. The Highway Patrolman on Stony Point who let someone go ahead of him so she could be pulled over. ………..    Plus ANY public employee has signed a paper saying that they will uphold the Constitution including fire fighters and law enforcement personnel – teachers – I would think even knowing that your brothers and sisters in whatever color you wear – blue? would be a crime in some court. So what was the d!Aren’t you SO PROUD? Pat yourselves on the back. Also, I realized that the MOST


PERSON can take care of his or her own needs or should have saved up enough to be able to handle the 2-4,000 a month for care…………………..Thank God and my uncle falling off the Heinz loading dock. I never thought about it like that. My uncle was going to go to Med school – full ride at Berkeley. Fell, coma, double vision, made himself go blind in one eye. other uncle and her invent Day-Glo which saved thousands of lives during WWII. After Day-Glo was applied to the planes, there was not one plane lost to friendly fire. And I just learned this story at my dad’s Nor Cal memorial. Traumatic Brain Injury. It didn’t dawn on me. One of my heroes (and many people’s) is a young man in college. He suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was three. Had the preschool told the parents he had fallen, he ……………….well, he had water on the brain, numerous surgeries…………….had to relearn many thing………………….given flack by neighbor kids………….I had the great honor to be able to assess him for my practice assessment. Amazing kid. In college!…………………………………….I rant tonight.  I will clean this up sometime.


problem with mania since………………….yes, she was always admitted with mania. Oh geez, we are so different. Yes. We all are………………..diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, dual diagnoses, “normal childhoods”, horrid, nature, nurture. ……………….Well, guess what? Most of you would have been 5150ed by now, or at least not leaving your house. Your family would think you needed help because you would have been going through psychological torture for almost 11 months………………………in some ways psychological torture is just as damaging as physical torture. Yes, you are committing acts of psychological torture. Stalking. Doesn’t matter if I’m not buying in this time. It is your intent. Two times is stalking.

the same “illness”, but the symptoms are somewhat different and with mental illness the meds can be a crap shoot. The cocktail that works. I avoided using the term meds for a long time. Boy, what a mental illness snob I was. So, I was taken to the hospital…………….I remember the song about “time beats slowly” or something like that going round and round in my head. 5150 OMG! Right? That has to be so serious, right? You hear about the crazy things people do and get 5150ed. Geez. A person can check themselves in. I had gotten to a point where I could not drive, I was sitting all day, the cut off between being able to take care of myself and not. Oh – with my doctor’s permission I had gone off Paxil the summer before. Oh, I had looked a the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Site and found that early studies linked Paxil to recurrence of breast cancer. This was before doctors were on board. Depression had never really been my doctor’s or my big concern. Oops for both of us. I was using a SAD light for significant Seasonal Affective Disorder. It was 5,000 lux and it would have

Oh, any of us can now be held in a jail ………….indefinitely…………..Someone I know who did contract work………….never said a word, but is definitely worried……….Much worse than 1984 – this person predicts. Hey, you were a part of history. The take down of a democracy. My daughter used to say, “She has nothing to hide.” Now she gets it. Trump is in office. It’s not whether you have something to hide…………it’s what the government or any group will use to their advantage. YOU have the right to privacy………………….oh, and we can all be held just like the people at Guatanemo some who had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Good for our people when they get detained right? Not even abiding by basic Human Rights as written after WWII. Different times? Second verse same as the first. Except for North Korea…………..but talk is better than……………….

– or that Baptists in this country who had babies in certain states, before the Constitution had those babies taken away. THAT is one reason many Baptists were so for separation of

Number ? – Any of you notice that the stalking started the October after I had told my ex that I was getting a divorce? Told him in late April/early May.


Number ? – 5150!!!! Oh wow! Scary, right? Did you have a grandmother or great aunt or someone who “had a nervous breakdown”? Well, today they would get treatment under a 5150. Seriously. If they had to go away for treatment………………but, they were not in a sterile depressing ward with chairs weighted down with sand. They are useless. Oh that was the last time. Have you talked to Dianne Buchignani sp? She is the retired RSP teacher from Old Adobe/Sonoma Mountain. I was her assistant at Sonoma Mountain for almost a year. I began descending into a depression winter 2007. I had interviewed for the job wearing a wig. Diane was great! Both about the cancer and bipolar. In March, it got to the point where my cognitive skills were declining. I took a week off and tried going back. I met with a first grader first thing and could not understand what was being

church and state.

Oh……before I forget…………………….the Police Officers and Firefighters/EMTs get to see people who are 5150ed or 5250ed at their absolute “best”, right? Unless they have a family member who is doing a Okay most of the time…………………their outlook – like most of yours has to be pretty damned skewed. A friend’s DOCTOR was surprised she was able to work. OMG 30 people in a room people. She has only taken lithium and hasn’t had a

Copy machine gal. Really? Mine disappeared completely and after 4 attempts you can’t get it to work. Papers gone. I think you have met the 2 times ………………..Much easier to prove with pictures of cars. I have thousands. Yes, I do. Here, there and everywhere.

asked of him. I was sort of freaking out. Sort of as anxiety, but depressed so……………….it’s weird. I had to quit. Ended up being admitted to the hospital by my ex and my sister in April……… ex and daughter had taken a Hawaiian trip without me (I made it the next year! Victory!). Months of not enough sleep. Not enough sleep can be a symptom of mania or depression. Weird? No, it’s called “Thirty people in a room”…………..each one has had to have been about 4 inches from my eyes for a long time to work. After I got out of the hospital and a day program, I spent hours and hours researching lights. Need 10,000 lux, hopefully tilted downwards……………..I’ll post what it is. The doctor had me on Webuterin by late January, but that did not do a thing.

So, I went from one diagnosis to another: Bipolar II…………..depression is the significant factor. I have to write a book. Imagine a 14 year old girl walking down a hallway with a “guard” to visit her mom. She was just old enough. My daughter started getting

play spy versus spy……………..Miss Marple……………………my hero……..except……I have been off road on the White Rim trail, gone on a trail made difficult by women inmates and I helped move rock, fought Reynold’s Metal and Whirlpool with neighbors and won. Won in the battle against breast cancer, two times infertility, survived when my son’s kindergarten teachers had made a graph of number of siblings………………..a week after a four month miscarriage. I could tell the person in the car in front was wondering whether to talk to me. Thank you! ………………..and ad nausea. I am a survivor. I am a STRONG WOMAN! Oh, almost forgot – I am a PERSON with bipolar disorder – a chemical imbalance – and I have done really, really well…………..thank you very much. You must have watched the shows that disproportionately show women with bipolar (a very small percentage have a mental illness – most severe abuse or low intellect). Many, many, many more men……………………yet, there tend to be more women on your lists. Can’t be the “male trying to get his wife committed?” can it. Patriarchal and all. You people are so, so……………….ugh.

Oh, any persons or vehicles I see just happen to be in the vicinity. I can’t say one way or another. Just a reminder though – two times going out of your way because of info you heard or playing a mind game or wasting my time on purpose…… stalking. STALKING under California law. Just the intent to cause fear…………..intent. Oh, had the cables……out of the other car? ?? BEN Time or trying to get me to leave my things……………………..They tried that at the Post Office in Sebastopol………….guy pretended to be having problems from diabetes. I carted my stuff over to help him. He looked a bit green around the gills when he left.

Ooooh, aaaah, I heard that speeding car and felt unease. Not! What mistakes will you make tomorrow? I have been off road and seen big truck shows. Many of the truckers I see are my age or older. Really? Never got past the law and order stage or even got to

I have some GREAT videos and pictures. I just took one as I got into my car at work. Idiots. It was 8:15 at night on a suburban road. One connecting road is sort of busier, but it is 8:15 at night. Targets / Survivors: please only post videos on You Tube that actually show something out of the norm. I have seen a few and said, “Really?” To myself. State the name of the street or type of street, time of day and why the traffic appears different. One of my best pics was taken the day after I posted pictures of white and silver vehicles. The following morning, there were nine cars: 7 white, one silver and one a different color. This was at Leghorn Park in Petaluma, California. But, I did not post pictures of the maroon/plum vehicles I saw parked one day. There weren’t that many, but I didn’t want to tell people that there were vehicles of certain colors together elsewhere. That would have taken away from the affect of the Leghorn Park phenomenon. Easy Peasy. Having vehicles show up in parking lots that are the same color: “Park near vehicles the same color as your.” Ooooh.       Aaaaaah.      Yawn.

all on my ankle. None. Boot during the day. By this time I was walking and even driving a tad when I absolutely had to – my psychiatrist. But, my caregivers would fix me a sandwich. I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. I would sit on the couch, but exactly at a certain time I would eat and drink a certain amount of water (to not get up at night). I would go into the second bedroom and watch exactly a certain amount of Netflix. I saw all of Psych and Bones…………………I dreaded anyone calling and messing up my schedule. I was in bed by X and looked forward to the only relief I had from depression and anxiety. Sleep. Only to wake up and start over. August I told my doctor I needed Seratonin. A frickin’ Miracle. ………………………a count my blessings daily………………my sister’s husband has now had anxiety and depression for almost six years………………..not much helps. He is a bit better. Lives in a group home with some other guys and a great lady. The last place was a bit shady. Imagine. He as least smiles now. Oh, but in our culture EVERY SINGLE

Think I will add this to the top and move it down later

depressed. Normally depressed. Thank goodness my angel of a sister was there before when I stopped driving, during to take my daughter to SOschool  and after until I could drive. The first day I drove my daughter to school, there was a bomb scare. I had to turn around and go back. 🙂                 I laugh. I am alive because I laugh – when I am not depressed which hadn’t been much until the time you idiots caused me to have significant anxiety……………………….

her eighth grade graduation wearing a wig. I went to her 9th grade Open House barely able to ………………barely ……………takes a LOT of strength to do that. Then, I only made it to her college graduation because my loving family pulled off a miracle. I couldn’t have made it. My sister from here took me to the airport, I got a wheelchair (my ankle – I was still in a tennis shoe)……………..I still had pretty significant depression and anxiety. Really significant, but if they were doing this, I was going to go along with the plan. My sister and her husband picked me up at the airport in San Diego. They just happened to live near there at the time with my great nephew – one year older than my daughter. My fantastic nephew/fireman in training at the time managed to get me up the sloping drive from the Handicap accessible spot to the field. Wow! I made it. My sister had a wheelchair from when she had a stroke – in the middle of the night. Wow, she made it back! Understand – at home, I was showering three days a week still. I was anxious about everything. I had a caregiver for 8 hours. She was taking me to my physical therapy appointments. At least I was walking. I had to hop for a LONG time at night. No weight at

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