You Cannot Predict What This is Doing to This Generation Cause Stalkers. Want a Peek?

I remember distinctly the conversation my daughter and I had about the kids just a few years younger who got to be the center of attention from a young age. There was this thing called the internet and another called Facebook. We both thought that the girls who were already full of themselves were just imagining themselves as queen bees. 

Normal road 10:30 on a surburban road by my work.

This evening I went to return a burrito that was in my Taco Bell bag. It was supposed to be a soft Taco fresco style. The cashier knew exactly what it was supposed to be. After all, she repeated it back and asked me to check the screen. There had only been one car ahead of me. Then, she closes the window and I sit and wait – and wait. There is ALWAYS someone at the window or close by at Taco Bell. I didn’t go for the soft Taco until later. Oh, a burrito. Oh, I was thinking that just maybe I had made a mistake on the salad. Guess not.

Not close. And that is a flurry, so more than one catches on “film”.


I wrote out what happened and the possible laws that were broken. Thing is, I think he is actually a nice guy just trying to do his job. He would not even be asked to go over to the dark side. 

So, what do his wonderful, caring employees do? They didn’t start making my chicken soft Taco, fresco style. He had to ask. He shouldn’t have had to ask. It should have been there asap. He had a customer giving him flack and had no clue what was going on. 

Such a supportive bunch of twits! A twit is someone who should know better. A twerp is just someone who tripped over their words or did something stupid. I hate, hate, hate the word brat. It is a label. I have not used it much, if ever. Those employees, mostly female, were brats and twits and horrid people and employees. I am not speaking about me. I am speaking about how they treated their boss. 

THIS is what this generation is becoming. They don’t need help from anyone, but they sure are getting it. Boy! I sure didn’t like it when the managers at Town Square Cafe sat us down one by one and told us we had to abide by the D-land one inch heel rule. I expressed disagreement, but saved the grousing for fellow female cashiers/servers. Considering our skirts went down to the floor, I thought it silly and not very good for my feet. 

However, I would certainly NOT have done something to undermine my boss. Particularly, such a sweetheart – I think. I am disgusted! You should be too. Those “kids” could not connect the dots, and you sure are helping them blur the lines.


Policeman reminds me of mother bear in town. Nephew? Just a resemblance. Oh. Last year, my helper had the good sense not to do something that would impact the kids. Not so now. Wider paper. I didn’t catch one and certainly am not going to ask a kid to do something over. Ask the teachers what instructional time is. There was something else. Affected the kids. It all does, but this in particular. I got a reaction when I mentioned permanent stickers. Heck, I am all set, but if needed, we will write ON the binders. 

Took pics. I am buying the head person some new White out. So, gossip all you want, for naught. A school counselor. Have you asked yourself what instilling fear in these kiddos does?

Problem is, you are just playing the role of a very rude person or? I am the only person who sees the “whole”. Like the girls on their missions who looked absolutely scared to death.

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