Numbers Are NOT Deceiving……and this and that

Just wanted to add that there is NO excuse for participating in psychological torture of any kind – ever. There is NO place for psychological torture in our society – which attempts to be a Democracy is now run by money………………What is a government called when it is partly run by people who have pledged to uphold the Constitution – teachers, any public employees, police officers, postal workers (If my letter about the IRA was sent in another direction or whatever. THAT is mail fraud)? NO EXCUSE at all. And totally irresponsible for people to cart around children or elderly family members or spouses who don’t know…………………………………… push, push push and then bring the kiddies along. I would bet. Seriously that people have been hurt by someone going through this torture – besides the target and the stalkers. People snap. Is this where going postal came from? Is that why the postal workers feel that they play such and important role, bringing on board the other carriers as they came along. Was there mobbing at work. Mobbing is recognized. Gangstalking is not far behind.

No, not for the tech guy taking up my time or any other school employees that do that. Do the owners of Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, the Osh parking lot know? I doubt it. Ah, the church people risk the government stepping into your business for a while…………..separation of church and state. Whatever courts would decide.

I will be filing a police report about my engine oil cap being stolen. While my car was at my apartment……………………….From the smell that seems right. Another act of vandalism that will be filed with the police. Oh – I’m not going to say anything crazy like I found the plastic funnel in the car………………….it would have melted or fallen down. It was set up at work, but……………….I’m 99% sure that I will do this. New one by the way. May be involved by following the “blue code” or whatever it is called.

Hansel Auto Group, Victory and other car sales companies: How easy is it for a car sales company to let people drive around in one of their vehicles. I was picking up the engine oil cap. I’d though this before, but thanks to you, it sunk in. So, cars driving around more than one time, getting cars from car sales places, getting cars from car banks or whatever you call them. Putting cars in hidey holes and driving away in a friend’s car. More fun you know. That car I got a picture of———–multi colored some business. I saw you when I was at the gas station. No, I don’t think there were two of you out there. Now the OCC trucks and transport vehicles have gone way beyond your quota.

I don’t follow the government conspiracy – in my case – BUT it would be easy to do.

From: Fighting Gangstalking wordpress blog

Tactics for Fighting Back

One of the objectives of gang stalking is to isolate and break-down the targeted individual by creating the impression that the whole society is against him or her. Don’t make the mistake of believing that false impression. Although the number of people who participate in gang stalking must be large, they are still a very small minority compared with the general population. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to have our society become a creepy police state filled with citizen spies, as happened in the communist nation of East Germany.

Gang stalking victims need to challenge the careerist statist rodents in the food chain, and support political reformers – libertarians, progressives, and others – who defend the individual rights and freedoms of Americans against the predatory inclinations of powerful government and corporate institutions.

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