Moral Development, Stanford Experiment, Being Swayed by Those That Are Going Along With the Crowd, Swayed by “Systems” Which Have a Certain Code of Belonging – Gangstalkers From All Walks of Life, From All Backgrounds. How?

My emphasis for my Liberal Studies’ Degree was psychology. I’m not sure if I took a class that covered Piaget, Skinner, Kohlberg for Education or Psychology. I think it was a basic psychology class. If we look at Kohlberg’s level of Moral Development, the use of bullies to latch on to non bullies to bring in those who otherwise would not participate, the credence that the “stay true to the blue or red fire engines” give this bullying, the role the post office and other delivery services think they can play…………………wow. Explains a lot.

Morality: Recognition of the distinction between good and evil or between right and wrong; respect for and obedience to the rules of right conduct; the mental disposition or characteristic of behaving in a manner intended to produce good results.

Me – keep in mind that as one goes up in the moral scale, the more compassion one has for others who are different, the importance of a true democracy where justice and fairness is highly valued…………………………….that according to Kohlberg who was a student of Piaget – developed the theory of childhood development. Yes, there are criticisms we can make regarding Kholberg’s work, but I think there is some real value at reflecting of where in the 1-6 range mob stalkers are.

According to one article on Kohlberg’s research/theories, people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa would reach the highest level of moral development – 6.   Very few people truly go beyond level 3. My dad was at level five. I thought that he matured and my older sisters sort of wore out my parents before I became a teen. Truth was, I was always seen as easy going, would to to my room when told (shocked my mom)……….but yes…………….Dad matured, but also worked really hard at seeing the world from an educated place. He started taking classes in his 60’s. I first heard how important it is to educate women and children in countries at risk. Education is key. Think about the countries that take away the boys, indoctrinate them and don’t let the girls go to school. Bring up the women who can raise the children – educate the children.

Unknown to all of us were the words my dad had taped to the desk beside his bed: Rest Of Life Service To Others. Then, like any person who has difficulty remembering sayings, quotes, names………….he made an acronym or sorts: R O L S T O …………………….Wow! He was a typical 50’s dad and husband, but went through tremendous growth to become who he was.

I’ve been puzzled by how seemingly intelligent people from all walks of life, different socio economic backgrounds could end up participating in something as vile as gang stalking or vigilante stalking. Then I thought of how I was so much a “law and order” person. Judgemental, seeing things a certain way (typical of 20 somethings). Well,  one article I read discussed how people who have limited “reasons” to grow beyond the law and order stage – stay there. Most people don’t get beyond that. I am thinking that those brought up by a strict patriarchal religion would have few chances to grow morally – understanding things from a different perspective.

Reading Abraham Lincoln’s first speech on Viglante Justice, I think he was well on his way to moving up the moral ladder – Democracy is based on being at a higher moral level. The Founding Fathers were amazing. With all their differences, they worked so hard to lead the U.S. into this great experiment. That’s what is was. They weren’t sure if it would survive – or survive the way it did. It was a work in progress. An experiment.

So, people who aren’t allowed to question their religious beliefs or beliefs about the world, really can’t progress morally. The way they see things is the only way……………Period. They don’t have to think. They are not supposed to think. Pray and accept. Grow spiritually which, in some religions, means adhering even more to the “rules” of the religion. I attended a mass a while back. It was disturbing. I know I don’t understand all of what goes on, but the “sermon” appeared to be created and used throughout the United States. That is disturbing. Maybe not all churches follow that format. The Mormon church – from what former church members say, avoids answering difficult questions. You ask a question and your faith is challenged. This is actually a type of mental abuse I went through for years. You are constantly kept on edge if you question anything. Not much different for Evy Frees. That was the name of a church from where I lived………………not exactly. Evangelicals – some, a lot are told what to believe…………..this can be the case with many religious groups.

Authoritative groups that uphold the law or help uphold the “fabric of society”. We are supposed to look up to them. Well, if they are participating in Vigilante Stalking, then they must be right, right? If someone from one of these “clans” doesn’t go along, they have to remain silent…………………… this what goes on in departments that have the blue code or whatever it is? These people of course are law and order…………….however, as I realized when listening to a PBS broadcast on the war on drugs – Police officers see the people who are doing very poorly and have committed crimes on drugs. The same goes for people with mental health disorders. The police see them at their worst. Not at their well functioning logical selves……………….but in a manic or depressed state, psychotic………..or ?????? As to the people who drive the transport vehicles………………seems scary to think that people who deal with HIPAA might have to transport someone they are stalking.

I posted about the bully in the yard who gets someone to go along with him. This person is seen as someone who would not go along with a bully, so s/he ends up giving the bully credence to those who know him. They jump on board. I posted an article on this topic. There is certain terminology to use.

Then there is Stanford. If you don’t know what the Standford Experiment was you have to look it up. It has to do with “volunteers” being told to give people electric shocks. The data was very troubling, but does explain mob behavior and the Nazis. Throw in fear for one’s life in there. The Stanford experiment can never be repeated. Oh then there is the prison guard prisoner experiment. Normal people are given the roles of either guards or prisoners and very, very quickly fall into those roles……………………….no resistance……………….they are what their label tells them they are. A lot of information, but that one won’t be repeated either. Why? Our society is supposed to find pscyhological type torture as particularly disturbing.

So, what I am saying is that, you are more likely to be a Vigilante Stalker if you belong to a group or religion where you don’t need to question and grow morally. If you have lived in the same area and have not gone through hard times……………something to shake up your moral thinking……………..if you have a job where there is a type of “blue code”. …………… where most people have not grown beyond the Law and Order phase.

Whatever reason………………………..this is so anti democratic…………..there is no excuse. Think for yourself. You are part of the mob. A herd of cattle. Not supposed to think or wonder or question…………………………………don’t question in general. No understanding of mental illness. Would not question “evidence” particularly with the real law and order folks saying that it truly is thus. Even though in 1997, a number of law enforcement people were proven to be wrong. In 2008, I conjecture that the Sonoma County Sheriff’s officer that looked on at me with hate in his eyes, hated to be wrong. He was Sure, so sure. After all, look at all the people he had dealt with previously. Even though, when my husband came to the track, the stalkers disappeared and some of the law enforcement types had looks of chagrin on their faces.




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