Petaluma, California Has a Vigilante Stalkers’ Car Depository or Bank – Near Osh

Before I forget………..there is NO excuse for driving like that when school kids are around. I’m talking last Friday. I am doing my job and NOTHING else. I’m paying attention to the safety of the kids……………’s bad enough with the normal traffic. Throw in the idiots who decide to continue this charade with kids crossing and then hopping quickly away. Stupid, stupid, idiots. Drive like your kid (grandmother, grandfather, Mom) is in that crosswalk.

I have come upon what I call “hidey holes” in Petaluma, Sebastopol and other places. However, this is the first time I have come across a Car Depository. There is absolutely NO reason for these cars to be near the smoke shop, I Hop and the smog place. You would see these cars near a large car repair shop. In the lot waiting for repairs.

The bashed car up on the right? I could see someone driving it over to the OSH one day. I do head for Starbucks now and then. Anyway. I will see if the cars stay there. But, you can drive to the OSH center yourself and see. Maybe they are being taken to different places as I write. Oh, the white large commercial van. It was used for something and then the lettering was somehow taken off. However, you can still see the ads/information when you look at it close up. I have seen that van, not far from OSH. Interesting. Some of these cars probably are not street legal. No problem. You check out the key and take it for a spin. Hmmm. The newer cars. Were those owners out for a spin with an old junker or one that would make “Wild and Wacky Cars of Sonoma County”?

There was a guy in a large white truck or SUV who said something about it not being worth my time to take pictures. Boy, that is a challenge. Tell me not to do something………..and see how determined I am to do it. Interesting that my computer photo program would NOT upload pics from my camera no matter how many times I tried. Using all my tricks. He was taking pictures of me. THAT sure has worked well before, right?


Look at that stiff arm. This was the guy who talked to me…………almost in a menacing voice. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I still don’t. I just thought that I should describe it. Such a brave guy………………………, bullies are cowards by definition.

Mostly the depository and OSH, but one or two could have been from the day before. See how blocking me from downloading photos worked? Not well.

Ah well……………….there are other ways. At least my life is not boring. No way is it boring. I would have done a happy dance, but instead I put my arm out the window and didn’t say Booh yah, but whooo yah or something like that. Quite a few times. I also came up with a new version of the ants marching song.

NOW – on another note………………….if I were working in one of the local law enforcement agencies, I would be placing bets on which agency will give me a ticket first. Seriously. Will it be the Petaluma Police with the new White Knight, the SUV, the dog team, the other one I saw today……………….or the one I see an awful lot? Will it be the Sheriff’s department. They have backed off, but are just doing their jobs when called. However, in 2008, it was a stoned face Deputy Sheriff who looked at me with hate in his eyes. I think he truly thought of me as some awful threat – not some stay at home Mom who had gone through hell to get her family settled and then went into a mild manic episode while talking to someone who was a very nice person. Expressing concern that we might be moving again. Wow, what a concept. This sheriff had no comprehension of what mental illness is except maybe through his eyes as a sheriff. Will it be the Rohnert Park Police? Does Cotati have its own force? I should know that. I pass the station every day. There was a Sheriff’s vehicle parked there a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, which group was it where two men were in the vehicle, but I think one had civvies on? Rohnert Park. Did he have to sign something before his ride along? I do go through Sebastopol now and then. The young officer who works at my old workplace pulled me over and warned me about even holding my phone. This was in the Whole Foods Center. Now, I cannot plead ignorance. Are records kept of all these pull overs? How about the two Petaluma guys who came to my door …………..must have been in March. I knew my dad was really ill and was borrowing my sister’s car. No, I probably was having a hard time maneuvering my sister’s car. I had no patience for them. Particularly when they started talking about not taking pictures of cars in a parking lot………………..big male officers with all the gear. You just leave………………..I was not in the mood to deal with these guys.

Oh yeah. One of the reasons for having me at the truancy hearing was to test out how I felt about a certain religious group……………..Passed the test. Really didn’t think of it at the time. Except when I said, Whoa……………this is an exceptionally hard working student. I could tell that my boss knew that I would handle that point. Like I’ve said, “I don’t care what a person believes as long as it doesn’t cause harm to another person – physical or mental…………………..since this started with some Mormons 20 years ago…………..well…………besides, the ants come out of their hidey holes. Swarm if I am anywhere near a church. Then the guy teachers started a conversation about Mormons…… one could come out and ask because………………………..well, how did you hear that? How did the other teacher’s hear that? What rules were broken there?

I really take issue with the whole shunning thing. Thing? Raised for family and church to BE your life and then cut out of it completely if you leave. SUCH good people. Such good Christians…………………………Read the first book. The New Testament.

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