Mob Law – The New Vigilantes in My Life Try to Relate. How Sweet – Beware of False Friends

First – I held off as long as I could with this possibility – at least saying too much………………but this is sure helped along by law enforcement and fire fighters. All? Probably not. But, there has to be some driving force, some authority that gives credence so that the mob keeps going. There have to be pictures out there of me directing traffic with a flashlight………………………..when you have no control, you have to take control. Actually, there has not been one day since this started that I have not felt in control for much of the day.  But, there are pictures of me doing things that look absolutely loony. I’m sure. Reasonable if you know what came ahead of my actions, but totally wacky if you don’t.

  • No, I don’t believe you were harassed. You seem like a very nice person, but really? Two custodians. If the last one really ever had depression that would be something. This one – harassed. I didn’t respond as planned. I didn’t mention work. I mentioned having enough evidence to have a police officer file suspicious activity outside on the scaffolding of my apartment. Like me, that may not have set in until he had time to mull.
  • I saw the car, but I am learning a lot. Did very well in math, but current terms and really rusty as far as grade level that high, though it isn’t really. And do you really have trouble with names? It would be nice if there was one reformed person.
  • My motto – Trust everyone and trust no one. Works for me………………….as does conducting the ants as they drive. Playing violin for 12 years helped. Yes, are you following me, or am I deciding where I go and make you scramble. It depends.
  • Yes, bipolar disorder. It is now bipolar II which means the depression is the main component. Always a tricky balancing act. My psychiatrist for 20 years had to be corrected. No, I have gone into the hospital both (technically three) times due to depression……………………because I couldn’t take care of myself and when they get ready to check me in at the ER, I insist I am dying. AND I have never gone off my meds without planning to wean off one and start up one under my doctor’s care – who was the head of Marin General’s pscyh ward for a very long time. Technically three – 5150 with the support of two angels – my sister and my counselor who never charge more that $60.00………………………….hated the blow hard doctor. Cringed that he was taking care of some of these “kids”. Why do I seem to be the oldest one on the ward? They now have a geriatric until OMG. It’s depressing enough. Anyway, faked my way out…………………sister got me home, called the Police and I went to the hospital………………….automatic 5250. GASP!!!!!!    Your singers and stars can be admitted to a hospital, but not a teacher. Since 2.6% of the population will have bipolar disorder in their lifetimes…………there have to be a hell of a lot of teachers out there.

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