Green Cars – You Decide; Look for Gang Stalkers’ Tells – Pointed Out Below




8/23 and 8/24   8/23 – Going to Staples, Petaluma, California in the evening. 8/24 McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA in the a.m. and CVS area and a tree lined parking lot in the evening.

Targets / Survivors: Noticed over and over again in Nor Cal (tells) – Ego/envy and alumni frame; bumper stickers particularly California and blue with yellow stripes.

8/21-8/23  8/21 at 6:50 p.m., 8/22 – evening at Chipotle across from Safeway in Rohnert Park, California, 8:22 evening at Safeway in Petaluma, California.    8/23 9:06 in Rohnert Park, Califorina                    Tells: 91.9, blue square with two yellow horizontal stripes, stickers on the van, American flag (normal, but not in the numbers seen), dents. TRUE BRAVE SOUL – COWARD – NO PLATE – Hmmm. How can law enforcement not see some of these issues. No plate? Lights on and off on the GMC. One VEHICULAR HARASSMENT MOVE IS TO ALWAYS TAKE EXTRA LONG PULLING INTO A PARKING SPACE, OR BACKING OUT AND THEN IN AGAIN, TRUCKS PULLING ALL THE WAY BACK INTO A SPACE THEN ALL THE WAY FORWARD INTO THE SPACE ACROSS THE ROW.

Near Chipotle – looking across the lot at all those cars.

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