Oh, You Bullying, Cowardly, Nazi, Stasi, Anti Sixth Amendment, Stalking Gang Stalking and Mobbing Groups, From Many Walks of Life. So, So Sad. Guess We Lost WWII!


Like Ants – You Do Your Job Like Robots (Stepford People), Then Scurry the Way Ants Do When They Sense a Real Person is Near

  • Yes, you gangstalkers come from all walks of life. Yes, you do from what I can tell. Why have I pointed my finger at the Sheriff’s department (not all – there have to be some sane ones who truly believe in the Constitution of the United States). Has to do with the very, very fair short buzzed hair Sheriff’s Deputy who stopped in front of me near the Starbucks in Rohnert Park near Target. I could tell a look of hate and that was it. If I am not mistaken, he probably has blue eyes. I could be wrong. My dad had those beautiful blue eyes. On him it was beautiful. Anyway, that Sheriff’s Deputy had stony sharp features. My guess is that he was somehow involved in that farce in 1997. You know – when people think they know about how the human brain works, they know what can cause someone to act  a certain way, assume certain things, don’t know how coincidences CAN happen, don’t look into someone’s past. Wouldn’t that be easy to do? For law enforcement. Oh – NOT. You assume. Anyway – that guy could not be wrong. My guess is that he does or did not treat women very well. Definitely would not have tolerated any type of mental illness in any family member – best way to help push them over the brink – You aren’t praying enough. You are weak, you are lazy (as the person is curled in a fetal position. Just guessing.
  • The Mormon connection. 2013 – spring and summer – perfect people and some in very old fashioned garb. That’s fine. Stalking isn’t. You believe what you want but don’t hurt someone psychologically or physically. I’m tired of churches getting away with shunning. That is psychological abuse. Yes, can’t control it, but members can and do leave. But, you’d better accept your youth for who they are…………………….or you might lose them. Are losing them.
  • Other faiths as above. Cults. Stalking and shunning is part of being a cult. Just is.
  • Nazis/North Korea. I have always said, I probably (I used to say never) would not burn the U.S. flag, but I would fight for someone’s right to do so. Why? Because as some Veterans put it: THAT is what they fought for. Our right to express ourselves. Oh the veterans and veterans’ families. Nope, my uncle did not drop bombs over Dresden for you (sweet man), my dad did not work for a whole year to pass the eye exam (after hearing about Pearl Harbor – called in from mowing the grass on Grant Street in Berkeley. His dad, Emmet Switzer ran the local pharmacy. My dad cheated, but that slowly came out. Yes, he probably did rely on his glasses a LOT more, but…………..He was a 90 day wonder. He did NOT do that for YOU. My father-in-law did not become a medic during WWII for any of you. He did not get malaria and then meet my Mother – in law for you. My mother-in-law did NOT serve as an army nurse for any of you. She did not work to get the Women’s memorial up.
  • NO, BECAUSE YOUR BEHAVIOR IS THAT OF THE EAST GERMANS, THE NAZIS, THE KKK, THE STASI. It doesn’t matter why you think you are doing this. Nope. Maybe you’d better go and read your religious texts and Abraham Lincoln’s first speech on Vigilantism. ALL THOSE GROUPS SKIPPED A TRIAL AND WENT STRAIGHT TO EXECUTION. i DON’T CARE HOW YOU JUSTIFY THIS. NOPE. SO DID THE KKK, THE EAST GERMANS, THE NAZIS, THE STASI. BY EAST GERMANS I AM TALKING ABOUT THE 200,000 TO 500,000 citizens who helped keep the wall up until the mid 80s. Not so long ago.
  • Shame on any of you who have signed an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America – teachers, any school employee as far as I know, Police, USPS workers, any public employees…………………….fire fighters. I have three, three nephews who are fire fighters. Nope. They would not do this. The one with the girl friend. She put the tree in the car and drove stiffly away. Yes, she did. That young man is too sweet for the likes of you. But, I don’t want his heart broken. Yeah, right. No one does ask my family members. They would laugh. They know how out there and truthful I have been about my illness. See, unlike many of you idiots who live with the “hide the truth” ideology……………………I see being up front as a way to educate people. I am doing just fine – thank you very much. I went to hell and back many times before I became a person with bipolar disorder. Did Jane and Adam spread how I was acting. Scared……………………..because of this. They shouldn’t have. I think there is an ethical issue here. Also a Civil Rights issue.
  • Oh yes, I have been followed by two women recently and a couple in a red truck. Watch it. The guy who cut it a little too close today………………….not good.
  • I am sure there is some sort of app that should be available for anyone with GPS. You pass me and you are on your phone saying where you are. Seems a bit old fashioned. No wonder some of you do not question what you have been told or ?????
  • So, it’s okay for Catherine Zeta Jones to be in the hospital for bipolar disorder………..that you can understand.  How about Ted Turner? Oh, but put them in a classroom and spread a rumor. So ridiculous. Since that scandal in the early 80s I think – I have watched my back. I believe there were some “false memories” in that case, but I could be getting that mixed up. Just like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of today I try not to be alone with a child (BS and GS – unless it is your own child – otherwise you must have at least two kids in the car). If I have to because of detention……………………which I do not want to give. What teacher wants to do that. Anyway……………….I make it very boring, make sure the door is open unless it is freezing, but have the blinds open – for my protection. My desk is right by the door and that is where you will find me. What was the statistic? Something like 2/3rds of accusations made against teachers are false. Oh, imagine that? A kid does not want to get into  trouble or wants to get back at a teacher. Oh, the little angels wouldn’t do that. I don’t think any of my students would have…………..but that doesn’t mean there aren’t out there.
  • Oh yeah. Thought of this a while back. Many of you have an extra car – old car. I said you can store it at a friends house. Just put a cover on it. Viola!.
  • Examine exactly how you feel when you are stalking – except for when you look over and get that “Oh shit” look on your face. Powerful, righteous, high from adrenaline, …………………you belong to a group……………………I imagine it is kind of like a car rally, right?
  • You think that, you go with that, you live with that……………………read your religious text. Particularly if it is the New Testament – I think you have a problem with you and your god.

EVERY OCCUPATION. That is the main reason you and your fellow 101 travelers are there. RP is perfect.

Nazis, KKK, WWII was NOT for you, Police? blue code – hope not all. those two made sure that I know the law. Stasi, My ex I think took his parents’ pattern of cutting off someone who he thinks slighted him to the nth degree. By anything, I mean ANYTHiNG. That Sheriff’s Deputy too. Can’t be wr………………wro………………………wroon…………..wrong – like Fonzi. Let’s see. Verbally abusive, devalued all I contributed, blamed me for having to work out of the area……………..oh you really want your daughter to move a sixth time? Put a rope on a trash can shaped like a noose, “moved” mulch around for a long time and the piles were still there. Proof of something. Yeah, his depravity. I have seen that look of pure hatred two times – the Sheriff’s Deputy and my ex. He didn’t realize that I had known for years that his tell is blinking his eyes. Yep.

So, move to another country. In the U.S. everyone is protected and gets a fair trial. At least we try .

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