Forensic: Audio and Video Forensics by Stutchman Forensic!

Wow! I think I should just post this “link” at the beginning of each of my posts. Not that it would matter. Some of you truly believe that you are doing such good for the United States. Forget the sixth amendment. Why do we need audio and video forensics? Surely not right? All people are so honest, they would never make a false audio or video “tape”. Wouldn’t pay anyone to to anything illegal to another. I don’t know??????? Oh, in 2012-2013, Jane and Adam were told all. They didn’t believe it. Bet they do now. Either someone looking at the security footage lied or someone was able to sneak out of the room next door and right into my room. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Thanks: Stutchmanforensic!

“Stutchman Forensic Lab provides services in Audio AND Video/Imaging Forensics. Our analysts have testified extensively as forensic expert witnesses across the United States and Canada.

Below are a few of the many services we offer.


We provide a variety of expert Services to our clients. We are confident we can exceed your expectations. As experienced expert witnesses, our laboratory has faithfully served clients on both sides of the courtroom since 1992.

You can Contact Us at (800) 799-0828″

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