HIPAA Laws and Bad Service – Both Could Come Under Stalking I Think

So, I bet there would be more followers if I were posting pics. But I am getting them organized first. Once they are organized, then it is really, really easy to use them. All in good time. Besides people can browse anonymously now.

HIPAA – Someone with my name at Hillcrest Dental six months ago. I can tell when someone is lurking hanging on my every word. I just can. THEN just a few weeks ago – someone let a bunch of people know that I would be there. Don’t ask me how I know this. THAT would sound crazy. I could be wrong – but, I’m not. That would be violating HIPAA. Telling people when my appointment is. Woooeee. Yep.

Then, there was the person saying the name of my prescriptions extra loud quite a while back. Not sure why you needed to. Early on some were stolen. Oh, the Ambien. Tsk, tsk. A controlled substance. Yep it is. That was at Kaiser. Then, someone was supposed to contact me about a medication. Hmmm. Who “forgot” that step. Pain and suffering. I am fine, but what if it had gotten worse? Just saying. Negligence?

Lily Kai’s. Best food in town. However, from now on, I will wait for the back. You know – where you always sat my friends and I until whenever you were told what you were told. Then, by big groups. This past time, facing the window. I took care of that. Interesting. Lost of cars when I was facing the window. Not when I exchanged places. I hope the food mix up in the doggy bags was in error. Can’t really say it’s stalking…………….though it would be harassment.

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