Why We Don’t Look at the Sun!


So, my vigilante stalkers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Push, push, push someone and you drive around with your little ones…………………………….child endangerment.

That being said, I am Miss Suzy Safety (a Girl Scout figure). Seat belts, swimming, sleeper waves (Nor Cal north), diving into the Russian River – depths change………………..Even wading in the Russian River. We’d come up once a year, to my grandparents’ cabin. The bottom of the river changes. You can step into a hole.

It sort of bothers me that they now have they special viewers/protectors. The “safe” ones should all be labeled in a special way. If they aren’t.

Tell your kids they don’t look at the sun because they can go partially blind for a while or forever. You seem fine, then hours later you cannot see through the center part of your eye. This explains it well. The only time you can look at the sun is during a full eclipse when the sun is completely covered by the moon. It won’t happen in Nor Cal.

Look up pin hole eclipse gazing. It works.

“Regardless of where you observe the eclipse, it’s important not to look directly at the sun with the naked eye. To understand why, think of a child using a magnifying glass outside to burn holes in paper. “Focusing the sun’s rays on a single point creates a lot of energy,” Van Gelder said. And the lens in your eye is about four times as powerful as the type of magnifying glass a child might play with, Van Gelder said.”

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