540 photos taken today. My, my. Hi Australia!

Hi Australia! I came across an article or two that talked about gangstalking in Australia. I believe someone wrote a book or an ebook.

I take photos every day while I record my voice saying the plates of cars, plus mentioning any notable details. Even if you couldn’t take photos – probably depends on how nasty your particular vigilante stalkers are – you might be able to record info. You might just have to be more nonchalant. What I have found is that if I have verbalized out loud what I see and get a picture in my head of a car and a few details, then I remember the vehicle. My stalkers know I am doing this. They get this “oh shit” look on their faces when I turn a corner and they come upon me suddenly. Have your GPS off whenever you can. When I buy a newer car, I am getting one without GPS.

I am stymied by this every day. It makes no sense at all. No one will talk to you about your “supposed” crime. This is unconstitutional in the United States (fair trial) and is against California stalking laws. If someone crosses state boarders to stalk, they are breaking a federal stalking law (or in or out of Indian territory – I have become somewhat familiar with the law.

On my blog, I am posting all black cars or all personalized plate cars. I have a feeling that I now how recorded some cars multiple places via photo. I KNOW that I have verbally recorded some cars/plates a multitude of times. So, though the stalkers want there to seem like they are never ending………………….I see enough of the same cars to know that some people “work it into the day” around town or doing errands – and they live close. Some people get off the 101 freeway. Thing is that I live on the east  side of town – you sort of have to go out of your way to get here. Yet, last night there was a semi sitting with its lights on at the supermarket behind where I live – the new Safeway on Sonoma Mountain Parkway. There were no deliveries to be made. It’s not a logical place to stop a semi – not easy in and out. McDowell would make more sense – sort of.

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