A Few “Staged” Events by Gang Stalkers Today on a Survivor……………..Fake FBI……..Teachers Who Don’t Know the Definition of Stalking in California



The following took place at a school in Sonoma County and the Safeway Grocery Store on Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

The guy in the white car was just waiting to jump out and he just happened to find a sympathetic stranger to help him. Second verse, same as the first. FBI my Aunt Elsie. No. Where do you two know each other from: Church, work,  Local police might not know the law, but the FBI certainly would…………….AND I think would be a bit more professional. Not have the look of an excited puppy. So, Targeted Individuals……………..these bunny rabbits try to scare you into not doing something they really don’t want you to do. Like taking pictures of license plates. In the U.S. NEVER give anyone your camera or phone.  They can’t just take them.

Had two cops try to harass me in my house quite a few months back – and they mentioned taking pictures. I sent them on their way. Oh, hoe many times have they participated in Stalking – being told where I am and changing course?

Friday – Yeah right. Next time you will have to make an appointment. Like that many teachers would be staying that late on a Friday. Nope. Okay, that is 1/2 of what you each need to come under “stalking”. Someone noticed where I put the books. I took pictures later. Supposed to overwhelm me I suppose. Underwhelm with your lack of knowledge of the Constitution of the United States. I have no idea what is out there, but go ahead – police, sheriff, whoever. Arrest me and let’s have a trial. I will include forensic people who work in audio and video.

So, I have been around teachers, off and on, since 1977……………there is normal behavior. That is not normal Friday afternoon behavior. Who mentioned coming into work on the weekend? If the alarm is fixed………………nope.

So, if I am in possession of something and someone takes it, is that a crime?

Silly ants and rabbits doing the bunny hop. 10 months. Each “event” probably piled on the other. Like approaching a vehicle shining the lights. I go to get the plate and that idiot would have reported that I swerved towards him and was near a certain church. All types of things like this. Or, I’m directing traffic with a flashlight to be in control. Oh, I don’t do that anymore.

Non FBI – I think you can post my picture, but you can’t say anything on a format like You Tube which is negative. That is a very public forum. I don’t accuse anyone of anything here. Oh, you happened to be around. Who knows?

Yes. There was the officer. I should have driven by to see which car it was. You might drive different cars, but on a certain date at a certain time you are assigned a particular vehicle.

Have a bad night. Maybe tomorrow, you can use your brain. You know, it’s in your head and is supposed to help you make logical and sensible decisions. No, you are going into Mob behavior mode.

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