Just a Sample Picture: Country Driving. Targeted Individuals – some information regarding vehicle harassment

Could be just some friends out for a country drive…………………..Could be.

Though, I wonder if  I have seen it before. If it is a Gang Stalker’s car, then there is likely a second car somewhere. A tactic appears to be: dropping off one of the cars and then getting in the other. I call the drop off points, “hidey holes” – Like the cars behind some businesses near the Good Will and the corner in Rohnert Park. This was taken by Stony Point and the famous Washoe house I believe.

Out for a weekday jaunt? Or sicko stalkers.

Oh my Heidi. Took me a while to remember your last name. Don’t you teach science? You must know about the Constitution of the United States of America, right? Not that I should have to have a trial, but that is what I am guaranteed. Oh, I see you again and you have received any information as to my whereabouts, then you have stalked me. Same goes for Kurt. Do either of you know what an evil person would be capable of doing to another? Or – if this applies, what can be done to create video and/or audio? Or, that if someone shines a light at me for ten minutes and I drive over to the car to see what it is, then the owner of that car can say that I swerved towards it and it was by a church on Valentine in Sebastopol. 20 years ago, some people did this crud. But, they didn’t try to set up people so that they could spread misinformation. In fact, they had looks of chagrin on their faces. Ignoramuses. It’s 2017 and you’d think we were living in the dark ages. I talked to Sandy and Yvonne a lot. Of Petaluma, CA

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