Worried About Losing “This” Activity Gangstalkers? While You Were Stalking People………………..


I was asking today. What would have happened if all you Vigilante Stalkers had taken all the money you spent on gas and all the time you have wasted………………….and spent both on getting sentences longer for people like this guy. He has a major disconnect with reality.

The next thing you could to is to spend your time and money helping children who have been abused. They are the most likely to become predators when they are older. By the way, the majority of predators are those who have been sexually abused as children. You’ve just let yourself buy into the stories of a few “rare” individuals with bipolar disorder who became pedophiles.

Stay ignorant. 2.6% of the population will be people who suffer from bipolar disorder at some point in the lives. Many will lead productive lives. Some won’t be able to no matter how hard they try. 20% won’t be helped by medications. I thank God that I have been fortunate. I just checked up the diagnoses. As I thought, I was diagnosed as being hypomanic – low level in 1997- Like mine, very few people would know the person is “manic”. Then, the next time I only had depression, so I then was considered as having bipolar II. The third time, I was never manic. The way I talked in describing you idiots made it seem like I went through mania, though I didn’t. I have never been psychotic. It takes a really bad manic episode to experience psychosis. I once “heard” a police officer tell my sister and daughter to get out of the house – AFTER 56 hours with no sleep and months of getting less and less sleep. One sentence………………………….Like I said before, you can end up in the hospital because you are no longer able to take care of yourself. I have met a lot of very brave people. Some of them have admitted themselves to the hospital because they could see the symptoms coming on.

Look the famous ones up. All occupations……………………creativity seems to be linked in with this whole disease. Hey, my uncles invented DayGlo. Not bipolar, but creative. Oh, people with bipolar disorder tend to be punny.

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