Gang Stalking Parents Who Let Their Kids Join in or Bring Them Along for the Ride. Child Endangerment.

So,  you are pushing someone. Trying to make the person go over the edge. Go crazy. But, you drag your little ones along. This totally stymies me. How stupid can parents get? Anyone that has gang stalking done to them is capable of feeling crazy. I don’t – you cretins are. Anyone – any one of you would feel crazy…………………I’ve been there done that. This is so much silliness. AND ………….there are people who snap. They are out there. You are playing with fire.

So, I fought Reynolds Metal and Whirlpool. The attorney from Reynolds Metal was decent. Renata from Whirlpool headquarters in Texas talked down to us “little” folks in MN. You don’t do that. You keep trying the same tactics over and over. 10 months. I am sure some sensible people have come to their senses…………………………

Parents. Really?

Forgot to ask how much of this fight has to do with the sense of self righteousness you get or the high you get? Oh yeah, some of you do. And somewhere among you are a few sociopaths who truly get a kick out of this. Don’t be shocked. Not all sociopaths are killers. Some make very good business men. I say men because that is statistically the case. Funny how supposedly the victims of gang stalking are usually women. Doesn’t make sense. So, I know the feeling. Like you get on a car rally. Oh, and you get to stop and have dinner and a good ol’ time don’t ya?

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