To the Vigilante Stalkers of Cotati, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sebastopol, and Santa Rosa. Suvivors / Targeted Individuals – It is so easy for these cretins to “coordinate” their moves. For the most part, they don’t (they save last minute coordinating for special moments – Oh, how sweet)!

62 photos today. Of course, I have been taking photos of my office when I can also.

Survivors / Targeted Individuals – The stalkers do not want places named. It makes it too real. Like it could really be happening. I have been naming places for months. I talked about Petaluma and Sebastopol a lot. I’m now working where I get much more exposure from the idiots stalkers from Cotati, Rohnert Park, plus those who join in very easily from off the freeway or when passing by. The first example I gave of how easy peasy lemon squeezy stalking while driving through was for Petaluma, CA. (that saying is used in Elementary Schools in the U.S.)

Months ago, I came across some apps that groups can use. Imagine getting a quick text notifying you that the perp or target or XXX is near McDowell and Washington in Petaluma (the app might be like an Amber Alert). You’re driving by, so you meander off at Petaluma Blvd. South or Washington, 116 (Lakeville) or Petaluma Blvd. North. You randomly choose to cross town using a main road like Petaluma Blvd., McDowell Blvd., cut over to Sonoma Mountain Parkway,  go home to Marin via 116 and 37, take the back road and come in on I or D……………., turn on Washington or Caulfield………………………….Then if you get another text, you can just make a quick detour if you can. Keep in mind that it’s good to go on and across more minor streets and intersections. When you go through an intersection, you go quickly once you start through. It’s best if you and the car crossing can cross at the same time. NONE of these moves will be noticed by anyone but the target, because no one else sees them wherever s/he goes. Turns are also made with a bit more speed and at a slightly different angle. Just make everything seem off.

Okay. Mr. Tie Dye shirt. Why did you get to the row where your vehicle was then go back into the store? Could it be that I have seen you in a vehicle before or that I said, “Oh, tie dye IS the new look or something like that.” Anyway, are you the driver of the red truck with the large SF on the back window? Just wondering.

Targets. If you go to post a video make sure you say why the traffic is unusual. Not normal for the time of day. State where you are. Then someone could go there and see what you are talking about at the same time of day under the same conditions (school is in or not – no special events). For example, the traffic along Old Adobe Road to Corona Road was much heavier than it should have been at 7:45 or so on a Monday night. Really?

I have seen some really stupid You Tube videos where you can’t even really see any cars at all. It’s in the suburbs and maybe there are cars in the distance. It’s videos like those that make us seem crazy. A friend of mine just happened to be with me one day months ago and said, gee there seem to be a lot of fancy cars here for Petaluma. I almost choked. Oh yeah. Why would there be so many Marin cars (such a stereotype I know) or other fancy cars from other places in Petaluma – on the east side over near the new Safeway near Leghorn Park? Gee, I don’t know – sarcasm……………..dripping down.

Oh Boy! I got my first shiny penny at my new job today. I think. Anyway, it was the first that was wrapped in something or set on something so that it would “magically” appear and drop on the floor when I picked it up. So last year. What will it be next? Paper clips, safety pins? Bor …

Remember – even if you can’t figure out how something is done………………..there IS an EASY explanation for it. Remember, there are people doing this from many walks of life – ex gymnasts, locksmiths, …………………………

Oh yeah……………big deal. Custodian or someone dressed like a custodian leaves cart outside my door. Walks quickly away and I just see the person who took the cart, disappear into a room. Does not come out. Duh. I look from mine into another room. The room that person entered has at least one door going into another room which has two doors……………………..don’t have to be Sherlock to figure that out.

You do know that you are all doing my ex’s dirty work for him right? Add in a few other enemies. Like, for some reason, a particular group of law enforcement officers joined by a few others in other groups. ……………………and those who stand by and let it happen…………………….or are part of some sort of group (aka gang) “don’t squeal”. Oh you are all such……………………………………..COWARDS. Bullies are cowards. You are like the KKK……….sad to see some groups join in. When this started it was almost all exclusively white Europeans……………………..well, they allowed in people from Spain and Italy (you do know how the Italians were discriminated against). Most of us have been the butt of “XXXX ” jokes.

Survivors! No one should go through this. If “they” have someone on me let them take me to court. Then I will get to have the “evidence” pulled apart by forensic people or ?????? THAT is the brave way we do things. Not like you do – KKK hiding behind your cars and lights (at night). Ooooh, Aaaaah. Not!!! I laugh at you ants and bunny hoppers.

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