Chance Meeting – It’s Sonoma County People and That is Where I Work. Geez Louise and Kids Breaking the Law

Law – You are driving with your kids. Some 18 and older. They come by me twice after being given my location and that is stalking. California law. Look up the goal of the Stasi and gaslighting. Same goal here. So, you have an older kid and I mention East Germany, the Stasi, lost WWII,……………ask what the end game is. You know what? I am a mama bear too. My ex allowed my kids to go through hell in 2012-2013. What kind of person would do that? I’m not putting them through that again. So, I have a new image to motivate me. I am a momma bear. They have been through enough. My daughter had a good topic to write about for her college essay. Sad, but true. But that has made me who I am. A hell of a strong woman.


First off – So, it took me 24 hours and then it hit. That was the look of a mama bear. I wasn’t even sure who the mama bear was until I the pieces fell into place……………a tiny piece at a time. You really think I knew who that was? Right. Weird how a tiny piece of memory makes other things click. Mama bear? No, but then that car……………….Just really realized that was a mama bear look. Then wondered about the car. Is that from the past? Have not seen little one for …………………ever………………………Just now I did the math. Oh crud.

THEN, something clicked. I assumed lived near me, but that clicked into place. I shopped at that store a LOT when I went to Sonoma State. So, had Momma Bear not come roaring in I never would have made a connection. Too bad Momma Bear believes whatever my Ex managed to get out there. …………..and maybe the Mormons and maybe the Sonoma County Sheriff’s. Well, I didn’t pay attention. I just asked someone who was standing right there in the crowd. Not like when I look at a stranger and compare them to an actor or someone I know.

What do you people think I do with my time? When I am working, I put many hours into work. I take a break between the time the kids leave and until my second wind kicks in. Read my mystery and sometimes have some chocolate.I rarely ever watch a show that goes over an hour. I just don’t really watch movies at home. I do go to the movies with my friends.

Let’s talk about friends. I was both a mom and a teacher. Never quite fit in either world and didn’t stay long enough in one place. I don’t have much family really close, but that’s not the case with others. They have extended family galore. I left where my extended family is because I cannot handle So Cal. That’s why we were in Riverside County and went out to the desert. Hey, it was fine when we took a country road to Corona del Mar and my dad would take us on country road through Yorba Linda horse country. There was no freeway to San Diego or to Riverside. I learned to drive on an empty 57 freeway.

But, I have a LOT of family and friends spread out and not too far. Most recently I took three trips down to Southern CA. That’s one reason I was glad to stay home this summer. I have hundreds of pictures to organize. I made books for both my kids and family books. Most have to go digital. And the last twenty years. All that I have done would make your head spin.

Summer 2016 – Mother’s graveside gathering up here. Cousin passed away and I was with her the day before. Back up north for the memorial later in the summer. We even did Tahoe I think even though we were one short. Then, working around my ex’s schedule I headed to Colorado going through Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and down. Had planned to see part of Utah on the way, but went up to see my cousin and the Avenue of the Giants. Went to Utah after seeing parts of CO I hadn’t seen. Two weeks gone on that trip, one for Tahoe, Memorial Service…..and was going to Curves. Takes me an hour or two to organize my pills. Then – oh, gee. Bill paying, Facebook………….You give me way too much credit.

But, these things happen. Particularly here. We once ran into someone from around here when we were catching a connecting flight in the middle of the country. When we were in Switzerland at the overlook at the Jung Frau, I got to talking with an Asian looking man. Turned out he was from Riverside. Turned out he was good friends with the Asian American man who delivered my son. Talk about a small world.

A small world. To let you know what type of family my ex is from – mainly his dad who would snap his fingers at waiters……… France. I met a woman who lives here. Turns out she was neighbors of my in laws. When I said that I was married to the second son, she paled and stepped back as though someone had hit her. They both came from rough times and family situations, but …………….they had burned bridges and would cut anyone off who  they thought had crossed them. Still, they would be horrified to know what their second son has done since he became the executor of their estate.

You look for coincidences and wear those glasses and there you are. New kid in town thanks in part to a lot of you and my ex. I wouldn’t invite couples over except a neighborhood group. Too grumpy and his “jokes” were at the expense of others. Then I am pretty sure he started sabotaging the gatherings we did have. In So Cal we had a lot of family and friend celebrations. Went off roading with friends. Went to teacher gatherings when I worked until eldest………………………………Then………………..I was always involved in my kids’ activities. My doctor told me to watch my stress………….and I start a Daisy Troop.

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