New Tell: Dirty, Scratched, …….you name it. Vigilante Stalker Cowards Hide Their Plates…..or Do the Bunny Hop



Notice how some plates are “dirty” everywhere but on the California. That is not natural. These are tells. Also I see plates with parts of numbers scratched off. I have seen a few with the blue painted over with a different shade of blue. One more example of how cowardly these gang stalkers are. Hmmmm. Plus, go to court, I could see the “evidence” or hear the slander and have forensic people take a look. If the  evidence is leaving a job early (because of you cretins) and a 5150, plus a 5250………………….gullible people all. Every one. I don’t think I have ever “been in” with someone who was a threat to others. Not that I know. Not taking care of oneself is a 5150. Faking you are fine and then need to come back is 5250. 2.6% of population will be bipolar. Equal opportunity illness but the way .

I have to find good pics. Now I can’t be sure. It’s just I have found a LOT of examples of plates that are very hard to read. Some of them have been made hard to read on purpose.

Oh, I have NO idea how many. I was just assuming. You people give me way too much credit I think. How would I know any of the things you hear that I know? I had just forgotten to mention that, and I didn’t want to get into trouble – or make anyone uncomfortable.

Here are a few thoughts that I had. This morning. You’ve contaminated as many as you can I am sure. But, oh well. Silly idiots. Still going around with your kids. You’re trying to do what and you drive with your kids? I would say it is child endangerment if I didn’t know better. But, you don’t know that. Someone has been hurt by this. More than a target. I don’t know where, but they have.

The fake beards. Oh geez. Scary. Nope. Ugly. Saw the guy with the luggage a bit back. People skateboarding, the accordion players……………………expect the unexpected. A little slow on the uptake today. Ah. Your hidey hole was Oliver’s market in Cotati. I’m sure there are others. Don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.

As I try to say in sign language, “I don’t care what someone wants to believe in, until they try to hurt people.” Plus, THIS is against so many laws – everything considered. Against the intent of the justice system as it was created by the founders, against the teachings of good religions (modern day peaceful religious leaders – not extremists) – read the Bible – particularly followers of Christ – the New Testament.

ALL OF YOU ARE BECOMING STEPFORD PEOPLE. YOU REALLY ARE. Some if not many of you are finding that you love to hate. You feel virtuous. Did the three boys driving around go out and get pizza after trying to kill someone? Oh, you didn’t know? Maybe you believe this will stop if I stop working. Nope. No way. Oh, also watch the Truman Show. If you are not a Stepford person yet, then you are a character on the Truman show. Interesting when it came out. One of my favorite movies. Jim Carrey is awesome. Oh, did you know he has bipolar disorder? You are throwing away what our people accomplished in WWII. They sacrificed so much to do away with this type of behavior. THIS kept the Wall up for way longer than it would have. Citizens and gaslighting.

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