One Northern California Gangstalking / Vigilante Stalkers’ Tell….Rambling

A picture does indeed speak 1,000 words. I am just saying that I see this on vehicles much more often than I used to. I can’t really tell who is and who isn’t. I can’t be right – but I am (Adrian Monk). So, a whole piece of silver/chrome look detail removed or just a part. Or another color moniker off.

Tells do two things: it makes a first time Survivor feel things are just a bit “off”. But, a first timer might not know what to look for.

Another thing it does is let the idiot stalkers know who is in this GANG of bullies.

Rambling: Even a second time, though the first time, some of these techniques had just started to be used. 20 years ago in Petaluma, California. The Petaluma High track, Kinkos, Cuts Etc., Yellow bug cars, fairly young guys (20 somethings) riding race type bikes on I Street – up a dead end street, Lucky’s, the Petaluma Pool (young kid with black hair who was teaching swim lessons – ugh), maybe the lady at the counter at the pool, Lucky’s – the mom who looked scared to death, the Explorer troop at the intersection of D and Lakeville – trying to slow me down I guess as I worked my way to Kinkos, one big truck who really shined its lights brightly with my family in the car (we all noticed)………….and more I am sure. I doubt any or most of these techniques would be allowed if used under correct conditions by law enforcement. They can set up a sting, but for a particular crime. I wonder…………….if law enforcement is involved with this, how often do they set up someone during a sting……….more than they should – just because their gut tells them so, or for another reason.


Retire? Well, if my ex had paid half of the divorce fees – astronomical-  or not asked for 50,000 back from his retirement. Read the deposition. I can’t even imagine what I would have been owed over the years if I had pulled the same stunts he did. Besides, I never did anything (unless my X made the impossible possible) and I am good at what I do. I didn’t make progress at all with one kiddo last year. It never helps when parents are degrading the staff in front of the students. Except for the year you people were at it, I have always done a good job. I did okay, considering the negativity. Not even one positive comment about the magical art work those kiddos did.

Oh, do I think that this would stop if I retire? No it won’t. Oh, my family was shocked enough when I openly told them about the six weeks of more or less “out of it” mania. Yes, the adults in my family and good friends were basically told everything. I believe people learn by knowing the truth. People who write books on bipolar sort of skirt the one symptom. Though Patty Duke said enough that we go the gist I think. I believe I was diagnosed with a fairly mild sort of bipolar. Not as mild as people who are one more level down. Ups and downs with no real extreme. I am seen as a pretty easy going peaceful person. Most of the time. We all have our moments. Like when I stood up to the bipolar Mom who was talking with pressured speech. I have my limits.

The Gangstalking started before the Mom I reported to CPS started taking video of my “trying to coral a group to go into the RSP room” – after about 5 months of you people.

Oh………………..and as far as no adult relationships. Yeah, right. It would either be one of you cretins faking a relationship or someone who I couldn’t tell this to because it sounds so crazy. So…………………….besides…………….even though I went through the 70’s where we could do anything…………………….well………..I am 62 and have had cancer…………ask what that means………I won’t say anymore on that score – no score. Ohhh, bad pun/joke? There was actually someone my age or older that is interesting. Today. But, I ain’t going there – probably never.

Took a ton of pictures today. Funny how I have seen the Petaluma Fire department a LOT lately. Two highway patrol vehicles went through the Target lot in Rohnert Park around 7:15 this evening. I don’t think they went to Starbucks. And WHY would a Highway Patrol officer need to squish himself back into the seat? I don’t know.They traveled from east to west through the lot on the northwest end of the Target lot that goes onto the street between Target and the theaters.

Any more? Someone might want to let people know that it only takes TWO times of someone trying to make me uncomfortable or fearful, for their actions to be considered stalking. I’m sure most of the stalkers are guilty of slander.

Oh – I don’t have time to look it up, but if a tech employee is using information he got from tracking log in information or plant spyware, is that considered hacking if the employer doesn’t know? Would that be illegal if it is beyond an employer’s normal “bounds”? I know where you guys are. Right next store. Oh, would that lady really have been so upset to have you work on my computer at her station? There was a reason to get it closer to the computers by the door. Right? I could be wrong on this one, but ………..hacking carries a fine of up to $10,000 and is considered a very serious crime. I’ll have to stop by sometime again………..just to say, “Hi”.

Oh yeah. I think you have the capacity to access it remotely at my work. Can you do that secretly without me allowing access at a certain time?

Who was looking at my screen on my home computer? I can’t remember. See, I am not going to live like that…………….but then I mull. Don’t lose any sleep. Remember, I was born mindful. Stared out the window when we traveled. Had normal kid worries………..but since adulthood there has only been one thing that has kept me awake at night. Oh, make that two. I used to get up and vacuum or read when I had cramps. TMI. Do you think I really care/



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