This and That and the Other Thing. For Targeted Individuals – something you do not go “ooooh, aaaaah” over.

Keeping it short.

  • The lady in the car on the right is not a veteran smoker. I lived with a 2-3 pack a day person for years. At least it was a little more real than the guy who had an unlit cigarette in his mouth.
  • Big deal – the text says park by cars the same color. The burgundy red cars were interesting to start………………but, I think I will just post them separately on their own page. It’s called editing. It would sound crazy to say how many I saw. Nope. So, Targets / Survivors  cell phones make it so easy for these people to do these smoke and mirrors acts. Big A Whoop Dee Doo Doo! The white car parking lot fiasco was really, really stupid. You can find it somewhere on a post. The key is to find things that are strange and can be verified because someone will say, “Oh, that can happen.”
  • Oh, I should write down the timeline. I lost a year. It WAS 2012-2013 when this happened. It was after I told my X that I was going to divorce him. Like I said, interesting timing eh?
  • So, D – I didn’t pay any attention to any cars after Kaiser. Well, for a while. I thought I would start seeing a bunch of cars a certain color. I have no idea what color. I’m sick – bugs………….you didn’t sound sick Oh well………….Accident? I doubt it. Like I have said before somewhere, “I would see a yellow bug car and it wouldn’t be the right shade.” Females in my family really know shades. I sure as HE** hope you are above these……………………I’ll leave it at that. Against the law Stalkers. See below.
  • Thought about what I would have liked to have said. What good would it have done? Nothing. This is a virus totally out of control. Besides, If I said something you’d probably have to deny it, right. Can’t do anything.
  • To the lady in the silver van. I know someone at some point is going to try to take my head off. Oh geez. No, it sure wasn’t two bites of your food and then off to buy food for your kids. Nope. Doesn’t take that long. I think you had to be looking back and who is the “We” you were talking to about me? Ooops. I go to a psychiatrist. What is all of your problems?
  • WHY I THINK MANY OF YOU ARE SO FULL OF YOURSELVES – WHO STARTED THIS…………….The number of personalized plates. ………………really………………..I don’t think it is just a tell. You are full of yourselves. I really didn’t have anything against the whole fish or religious school. However, some very religious people are very full of themselves. My sister was Baptist and now goes to some fairly strict Christian church, but she is NOT full of herself. Many, many very religious people involved, but not all. Crosses, fish, schools, Italians, Latinos (I HATE generalizations………….but here I am). Some so religious that they will do what they are told to do. Any of you doing this because you have been told a rumor – you ARE nuts. Very, very religious people many times think that it is their way or the highway………………..goes to your heads (not this Pope though – interesting that). You have been shown or listened to something, find my past blog on what tech is out there now.
  • Oh, that was NOT a minister and people he is supposed to be marrying. I thought about it later. Nope, nada, niet. I mull…………………mulling is good……………Oh, no. You DO read my blog.
  • Oh, I mulled and I realized that MOST of us have NO idea what is current in technology. How easy it is to frame someone. I don’t know what is out there. All I know is that people would REALLY, REALLY HAVE TO BE STUPID IDIOTS TO GO ON RUMOR EVEN FROM A “RELIABLE” SOURCE. ? I don’t know what is out there. But, even if you use a computer to do your job or are familiar with enforcing some of the laws, you would have NO idea what can be done.
  • So, how was I supposed to act to pass the test? Do I trust anyone? Only a very few. How is one supposed to act? I ramble. This started 20 years ago. Someone – not you – from back then, plus my ex started this again in 2012-2013.
  • Now, now. This should never happen to ANYONE under any circumstances. I mean every word. These people stomp on our justice system. They draw sticks to see which “event” they should test you on next. I am no psychiatrist, but I know enough to understand that persons with those types of disorders are not indiscriminate. Brother. The people who are stalking me (that is what it is legally) pull set ups and then report on the part that justifies their acts. Like parking in front of a church with lights irritating for a long time, and saying I went towards their car. Try parking in front of a church and have at least 10 cars swerve towards your car before the veer off – after I move away. What am I supposed to do? Sit and take it. Nope, that is not me. Judge and Jury? Nope. Straight to executioner. I should be quiet right? Shouldn’t vent. That just proves how right they are. No!
  • If anyone wants me to prove anything then take me to court. That is where someone has a chance to launch a defense. I have not done ANYTHING wrong. But, this is a virus………………………..20 years ago, it could be contained. Nope. Now, people wear glasses and see you in a certain light and they will never see you another way again. They could 20 years ago. There is too much hate out there. All of you. Read the New Testament and what Jesus says. I am serious. I have a repost written my a Christian blogger. Read it.
  • How do I feel? Sad. Sad that there are people in this country that treat our laws and rights and legal system this way. Innocent until proven guilty. Guilty until proven innocent. No, just proven. Every day I cannot believe that people do this. Like I have said before, had I been from here it would have been different I think. But, no one really investigates do they. okay. this is just venting and no one will listen anyhow.

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