ALL Gang Stalkers / Vigilante Stalkers /Cause Stalkers are COWARDS! Remember that if you are a Target / Survivor. They Also Try to be Your Boggart. Ha!

Main post below. I’m just laying out the timeline for these idiots. Doesn’t make sense to leave someone alone who you think is going to be a threat – for two years!!!!! Go down to: TONIGHT and skip the timeline if you are a Target/Survivor or someone interested in how easy it is do pull off the smoke and mirror tactics of these holier than thou Vigilantes.

2012-2013 I am teaching, had told my ex that I was divorcing him and 10/12 this starts up. Any connection between the telling I am divorcing and THIS?

2013-2014 Anxious, depressed and then a broken ankle.

2014-2015 Substitute teach. No problems.

2015-2016 Working full time up in Northeast Santa Rosa. No problems.

2015-2017 Divorce final. All hell breaks loose. Now, does that timeline make sense? Oh, but you are not supposed to think. And by now, you are worried that I know too much. Oh yeah. I HAVE STANDARDS!!!!!



There was a red truck behind me just a bit ago. I held up the sign for the letter C. It stands for coward. I talk to myself. Actually, I am recording plates as cars go by. I mean – I can’t be sure, but I am……………….So, I said out loud, “Oh you are so brave when you are in front of me, but wait until I start taking your plate. You will be a coward.” “You are all cowards.” Sure enough, he got in front of me and hopped away like a scared rabbit. I recorded his plate.

This is my third go round with these cowards. Cowards are bullies. These don’t look you in the eye even – for to do so might remind them that you are a real person. These cowards make up a mob. In a mob, people don’t feel responsible because there are so many. Nope. Every single person is responsible for his or her own behavior – except in rare situations like Stockholm Syndrome – but these people have NO excuse. Not even if they belong to a bullying church. You are in the United States of America! A jurist looks the accused in the eye, an accused person gets to launch a defense. Anyway. Not ONE of these idiots will even talk about what they have been told, seen or heard. Why not? That is really an important question. Why is the hell not? That makes no sense. Even a year ago, I would have said H E double hockey sticks. Nope! (Even people in the black cars. Cowards and Bullies IF you do THIS. Normal ones sure, but there are some……………sure took that corner fast. The earlier one seemed fine). How many of you put this above the job you do? Wretched person. I’m serious. I’d love to launch a defense. From what i have learned about what has happened the last two years regarding audio and video recordings and manipulating them……………let’s go for it!

I had no idea what was happening in 2011-2012. Not really. I had gone through something like this in 1997, but it was so much different – even though some of the set ups and such were the same.

If you haven’t seen the scene from Harry Potter where the students have to face a Boggart, watch it. To me, the idiot stalkers crawl out like ants from their hidey holes and hop away like bunnies. If you think someone driving a big truck is a threat, go to a big truck rally. Then picture one of those guys driving the truck. They are just regular people who are presenting an illusion. oooooh. aaaaaah. NOT!

Tonight I saw a Super Duty White Truck. It was sitting in a lane at Safeway. Just sitting there with all its lights on. We are talking full lights on top, every light you can put on a truck. Well, a while back, I asked one of my stalkers, why he had the emergency yellow light on the top. He explained that they no longer mark the trucks with the name of the company, but do all have those lights for safety reasons. Oh. Good to know. Oh, and chrome! Boy was there chrome! Impressive. No. It helps to have driven both a small truck and then a Landcruiser. I’ve been out to the desert. Been on a road redone by women inmates to keep too many people from getting near the bighorn sheep. I’ve seen a lot of people who drive trucks. Oooooh, Ahhhhh. This guy is doing some type of job in the Safeway lot. He was putting out cones. Definitely not intimidating at all.

The timeline is all wrong people. There was NO ONE around when I worked up in Northeast Santa Rosa. 2011-2112. Between my X and these idiots they did a number on me. I was not put back on Seratonin which turned out to be a big mistake – or maybe not. I was depressed with anxiety for 11 months. Oh my! No, you can enter a hospital if you cannot take care of yourself. That is how bad it can get. Told my X about the divorce in April 2012. Looking back, I am pretty amazed at what I did do. Really……….@@#$#@ amazing.

January 2013, I have a bout of syncope (faintness). All my weight goes down onto one ankle. Oh well. So, anxious, depressed and a badly broken ankle. But, besides all the angels in my family I have two caregivers who are angels. One turned out to be the sister of the principal I had worked for when I had to stop working. Sometimes things just are meant to be. My main angel was my main caregiver, Linda. She is amazing. Has had a hell of a life, but my…………she is something. So, no problem working much of that year as a substitute. Oh, I had told my doctor that I needed seratonin. So, 2012-2013 I am not working. 2013-2014 school year I sub. 2014-2015 I am working in Santa Rosa. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Guess the puppet meister was taking a break.

Then things start back up in

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