Blasted From the Past II – Gang Stalking / Harassment by Cars in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Stony Point – Looking Closer

This car is a “typical” wrecked car in Sonoma California – used to make a Target / Survivor note that something is off kilter. I have a post on what I call shock cars. I will have to update it soon.

2012 – I stayed at the Sheraton one night – for a break from the power hungry, self righteous, some know the truth, some blindly following orders, no questioning gang stalkers. I was parked way out in the lot. I get up the next morning and go to get my car. Parked right in front of it was a giraffe car. My daughter’s favorite animal is giraffes. Now I would call it a shock car. Actually, now I would call it part of the smoke and mirrors you above the justice system Mob vigilantes do.

Look closely at the seat covers. Then, look at the back of the car, but it could have been taken nearby. Anyway………..can’t accuse most people of anything, but this is suspicious activity. Think I can accuse the owner of the giraffe car of harassment? What are the odds that someone would park a “Giraffe” car directly facing mine, out at the farthest part of the parking lot? Oh, that’s it I think. The planter you can see on the left in the first picture.   Sheraton lot: 5/7/2012 before noon, because it was before I checked out and then went to In and Out where a kid with blond hair appeared to be taking pictures and video of me. I realized then, that my pic probably goes out almost daily. That’s slander.

2011-12-16 15.33.41 (2)        12/16/2011, Kentucky Street, Petaluma, California 94952

5/15, 5/16/, 5/28 Washington, Stony Point Blvd., Petaluma Blvd. North in and near Petaluma, California.

Stony Point, Petaluma Blvd. North near Corona Road, Possibly Stony Point and Rohnert Park Expressway. All on 5/15 2012.

5/15 and 5/7 Santa Rosa, California; Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma

New 6 4 2013 blue I believe D St. heading towards Petaluma, California. 6/4/2012

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