Blasted From Out of the Past. Gang Stalking in Sonoma County in 2011-2012

YES! 2011-2012 for those of you new to this “game”. Does that jive with what you have been told? Maybe. Oh course this had to be 2011-2012, but I lost the year 2012-2013. So, my ex started this before that April. Guess he was hoping my parents’ money would go to the kids. He knew it was coming.


This was one of my darkest moments, but God let me know that he was there. Now, I know what you are about, and that you are just performing magic tricks with the help of technology.

No one seems to be connecting the dots but me. I tell my husband we are getting divorced in late April 2011. The harassment started in October of 2010. The prep works comes before with the puppetmeister learning about the target. A few at the top of this sham really know why the target was selected. Interesting how most targets are single women. Statistically speaking, looking at the number of male to female law breakers, something is wrong with the Cause Stalkers’ information.

A while back, someone who disguised herself as a friend asked if I had any pictures from “this time”, and I said no. Turns out I had asked a group I was doing business with to hold onto copies for me. Now they are safely stored up in a few clouds in the sky. This is just a sample. Granted, they aren’t as good as the ones today, but there is enough.



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