Reposting – How a Target Could be Framed

New note – I truly believe that people truly believe that I have committed some horrible act. I haven’t. OR people believe that I am so out of it that I wouldn’t remember if I had. No, I am never out of it unless I have taken the five meds I take that all make me sleepy. I remember every single detail, every single detail of what I have done – manic or depressed – and except for one person that I made very uncomfortable over 20 years ago, ……………..that’s it. That is all she wrote. THAT is why I am so conscientious about my meds and all. I have seen a look of disgust at an unguarded moment on Eduardo’s face. He’s known me for almost 20 years. I believe my X told his fiance when they were out. She was pleasant then there was a change. See, if you tell someone something (or show them something) while that person is around, it’s that much more compelling. The color of their glasses change immediately. How would my ex know anything. Oh, he helped gather the evidence or started this whole thing along with someone from a certain church. I am not sure, but someone who couldn’t believe they were wrong 20 years ago. Looks of chagrin from the people on the track. So, it’s either from something created using the technology below (tape someone using your iPhone) OR something that I had no part in or ????? I hate to think. I keep bringing up one strange night, which probably makes it seem worse. BUT – I experienced one night of terror – in my dreams. I couldn’t wake up and was scared to death of going to sleep the next night. Problem is that I remember my dream – which had to do with weird creatures talking. Also, I felt tine the next day. I just realized that I was taking TWO ambien at one point ant still wasn’t sleeping past five until I added Benadryl back in. So, I don’t have trouble functioning even after taking a lot of meds the night before. Two Ambien plus all I took should have knocked out an elephant. Not me. This is why a doctor kept asking my about all my meds.  I purposely hadn’t written down bipolar disorder. I was probably just being ornery or I wanted to see what he would do. Once I used the term bipolar, that was all he needed to know. What works works and you don’t mess with what works. OR that people hear 5150 and then there was a 5250, find out my occupation and a rumor and that’s enough. Plus, you have religious leaders backing up this charade. I am pretty sure that I have sat right next to some early on that were trying to intimidate me. Oh, right. I am not one of your flock. No, you do not have anything special about you.

Quick post on how Targeted Individuals have been set up. Probably only the higher ups know this. A main coordinator or puppetmeister. It’s easier and easier to make words come out of someone’s mouth or to have a video with someone (like Obama and Trump) saying words they never said.

“As a result, almost anyone can create convincing, yet fake, images or video footage.”

“Again our research shows that if fake footage is extremely compelling, it can induce people to testify about something they never witnessed.”

The good news is that it can also be used to pick out doctored/manipulated videos. Big problem is that even if the people who believe the lies, I doubt if many of them will change their minds.

This system instantly edits videos to make it look like you’re saying something you’re not

“Now, the same company that gave the world Photoshop wants to do for the human voice what it did for the human image—give people the tools to warp it in anyway they see fit. At the Adobe Max Creativity Conference, the company premiered VoCo: an audio editing suite that will allow users to make people say whatever

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