Gangsalking. Is it a Cult?

I just came across this when I went to work on my “Mormon Church, Cult Post”.

“Many cults will warn members not to read anything critical of the group, especially if written by an ex-member (who are called names by the cult such as “apostate”, “hardened”, or “of the devil” etc.). This is a well known information control technique to stop the member from discovering the clear and documented errors of the cult. Members abilities to think for themselves is effectively disarmed in this way. Instead, they will think more and more as the rest of the group thinks.Take a look at the way the group looks and acts. Does everyone dress, act, and talk more or less the same?”

It reminds of some things I have been wondering about Gang Stalkers, Mob Stalkers, Vigilante Stalkers (I try to use that term, but it has become so much like a witch hunt…………….I’m just waiting for them to get out of their cars with pitchforks, flaming torches, etc. Oh, I guess they would have to wear white cloaks over their heads since they don’t want to be recognized.

Here is the way I would put my thoughts into words as regards what I think some of these misled (and not misled) cretins think:

“Do NOT read anything that the Target writes. Report it so that we can use the information against the Target. Do not believe anything the Target says. A Target will say anything to throw you off guard or to get you to doubt this cause. Anything. Remember, look straight ahead, do something to your face to avoid recognition (purse your lips, puff out your cheeks, widen your eyes), touch you face or hair in some way to have the target feel like something is off. Report any information that you learn about the target right away to your area captain. Every little bit of information might count. You are doing a great service for our cause. We want to give the Target as much a sense of things being “off kilter”, artificial, “off” as much as possible.” You can interact with the Target normally if required, but when you are “on” the Target is a non person. A danger to society and we are here to protect society (or our church or ____________-) from the Target.”

I am creeped out just by thinking about what I just wrote. What is WRONG with you people? Seriously – sick.

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