Ways Vigilante Harassers / Gang Stalkers Could Frame Targets

Quick post on how Targeted Individuals have been set up. Probably only the higher ups know this. A main coordinator or puppetmeister. It’s easier and easier to make words come out of someone’s mouth or to have a video with someone (like Obama and Trump) saying words they never said.



“As a result, almost anyone can create convincing, yet fake, images or video footage.”

“Again our research shows that if fake footage is extremely compelling, it can induce people to testify about something they never witnessed.”


The good news is that it can also be used to pick out doctored/manipulated videos. Big problem is that even if the people who believe the lies, I doubt if many of them will change their minds.

This system instantly edits videos to make it look like you’re saying something you’re not



“Now, the same company that gave the world Photoshop wants to do for the human voice what it did for the human image—give people the tools to warp it in anyway they see fit. At the Adobe Max Creativity Conference, the company premiered VoCo: an audio editing suite that will allow users to make people say whatever they want just by typing.”

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