Misdirection, Redirection, The Gang Stalkers are Good at This – Just Magic Tricks

Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes

Ah. Park a white car at an angle next to my car. I thought it a relative’s car. Go low and open the door with the Fob you were given – that can be made at any car part store now. Viglantes knew where to look. A group met at a “friend’s” burial site. Distracting.

OR, you pull a car up behind the white car and have to wait for it to park. I think I remember that. Out of your car into mine and voila! Nope, not me. Not magic. All your doing.

Survivors – look up what technology can do now. Go to a car parts store and check out the key fobs. Turn off your electricity. Do you still hear that faint noise? No, then it’s powered by your electricity. If you still hear it, there is an explanation.

If you were going through  a mental health crisis of a certain kind, you would hear that noise more than in just that one place. Gaslighting. Once you know how something works……….the power is gone OR, just accept what Sherlock says…………………..I NEVER leave my purse in my car. Oops. And I don’t know much about other types of mental illness. Actually, I can’t even know what someone who has bipolar disorder experiences. Everyone is different. Pick up the Doctors’ book. Is it number IV now?

Gang Stalkers love working out puzzles on how to steal and gaslight. That is part of the high they get. Sick.

Grocery store. Clerk has you talking and someone puts something that had been taken out of your cart in your cart to make you think you left something in the cart. Nope. I scan. Post office: you fill out papers. Four. Walk up to window. Three. Oh, back on counter. Icky feeling. No, I scanned. It wasn’t there. The lady next to me commented on the lack of counter space and I looked away. Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

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