I Love Wandering……These Vigilantes Are the Ones Who Are Lost….


I had a great day today. A bit bittersweet, but my family is so great! My parents are right where they wanted to be. Under the redwoods. After all, 93 and 95 – pretty great! One had to work hard and one just had great genes and sheer dumb luck.

Took a break from the heat and I wandered. That’s why I keep seeing so many things that the gangstalkers would rather I not see. Like, the Catholic Church in Occidental today. No reason for there to be cars in the parking lot. It was a hidey hole for cars. The huge wedding didn’t start until long after the cars were there. It was just starting when I left.

Give me a road that I haven’t been on, I’m on it.

When I lived in Ohio, there was a rule that bathing suits needed to be covered. In other words you didn’t just walk anywhere with your bathing suit on. For years I thought that was a silly rule. But, guys…………………at least use a towel to cover your top part. Silly people. I now know why they had that rule. And he wasn’t even going swimming…………….really?

Promise me that NONE of you will go into the mental health field. You know NOTHING about mental illness. NOTHING. Making all kinds of silly assumptions. Some based on six weeks 20 years ago. I hope no one in your families or religious groups ever deal with bipolar disorder. Imagine if it wasn’t a really, super mild episode. In fact, I didn’t even qualify for a certain level of bipolar until I had serious depression. Really…………you know absolutely nothing. Keep thinking you are dangling some type of carrot, but I just keep saying, “Really?” My hair stylist probably thinks you are right on because I really, really, really do not want a relationship. He is a romantic. When you were verbally abused, verbal gaslighted and dealt with such a narcissistic person when divorcing – and cruel……………no thank you. Friends, sure…………….maybe……………………I don’t know what my S.O. said, but when someone is killing themselves with diet and sitting on the couch all day on the computer and phone. Well………No.

Anyway, you wander, I’ll wander……………….Loved sitting and thinking how you ants were scurrying around wasting your time. The whole gas things bugs me. What a waste. Oh, some of you probably don’t believe in global warming. How about levels of asthma and things like that. Yeah, and talk to the people on islands who have been preparing to leave their homes when they are displaced.

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