You Believe in the Justice System or You Are a Bystander or a Perpetrator – Torturing Another Human Being

WE are just a step or two away from being able to torture another human being. We are. All of us. I am a very peace loving soul. However, looking back in history, time and time again, given the right circumstances people have resorted to torturing others. I include mental torture in with this. I do think it is time for us as a society to acknowledge the crime of mental torture of adults upon adults. We recognize it in spousal abuse. Look up harassment and you can fine sexual harassment. No laws about adults bullying other adults.  However, adults are bullying adults and in silent, sadistic ways.

I mentally took a pledge when I reached the end of the “Torture” Exhibit at the Museum of Man at Balboa Park. I saw it with my daughter. It starts out describing and showing pictures of people involved in experiments like the one at Stanford. The ones that are so disturbing. Where, otherwise civilized people, are willing to inflict pain on another human being. There is a sign asking that people please be aware that there may be

people present who have experienced torture. Wow. (the exhibit closed recently to make room for another exhibit. I think we need it now more than ever).

Then, in the museum, there are all kinds of instruments of torture. Most were used on women. This is one of the problems with a paternalistic society (any society where one group is subjugated by another – the early Christians were equal opportunity religious people). Witch hunts, controlling money, being able to beat a woman (not that long ago here), verbal abuse (yes, women do verbal and physical abuse – I am talking about the majority). I believe this article says that in many cases, the instruments of torture were used for control. Albeit horrid types of control. Ways to possibly instill fear in others. There was a section on the type of Torture that Christ went through. I will never take part in communion again. It is a symbol, but I can never take part in that again. I just can’t after seeing that exhibit.

There is a pledge one can take at the end of the exhibit. It is about being an upstander rather than a bystander or a perpetrator of violence. I believe that some of you have been made to believe certain things about me. I don’t know how. I just KNOW this: You are now a  perpetrator of violence. You are trying to instill fear. YOU are demonstrating how easy it is to cause dissonance in others. A few of you are sadistic, controlling. You call on someone who is seen by others are being a “good guy”. Then, there is the dissonance or unbalance one feels when s/he sees someone else doing something. Because that person is respected, you now feel okay to participate in bullying. I believe that what gangstalkers do goes beyond bullying. It crossed the line into torture. Bystanders – you are part of the problem. Again – bystanders YOU ARE part of the problem. Whatever role you play.

What will be the next line crossed? YOU are a perpetrator.

You either believe in the right for everyone to have a fair trial and that someone is innocent until proven guilty OR continue being a perpetrator by participating in Group Viglilante Justice. So, you believe in our justice system OR you break the law and ………..there is not and. You are guilty of a crime. Doesn’t matter what your role in society is: fire fighter, attorney, teacher, doctor, plumber, UPS Driver, USPS Employee, a law enforcement person, a NRA card carrying member, a farmer, a chauffeur, a taxi driver, a stay at home mom or dad, a church goer, an atheist, a priest, a bishop, a minster, a self employed ______________- fill in the blank,………………YOU are breaking the law of the United States of America. It does NOT matter why. That is not the way it works.

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