Singing the Blues……….blue cars. How the Gangstalkers Travel Along the Highway, With Cars Following the Whole Way. Easy.

blues music: Blues Banners


The way I propose that these “people” keep a car surrounded by cars with parking lights on is for example: some are so dedicated that they took a trip to San Jose, but for the most part, they can leave it to locals including some from a few cities surrounding San Jose.

Then, some other locals follow a Survivor for a certain distance, dropping out so they don’t have to go too far (along with some who have moved south to do errands and then can move north if it works – though one never knows when a target will pull off the freeway, so they are still doing their jobs).

Then, there are those who have gone down to Marin for the day and will join in at that point, while some have come from up north and turn around at Marin – they can even catch a bite to eat at their favorite restaurant.

Then, if one were to get off the freeway – Oh, let’s say at Rowland and one is curious because she has only driven behind Target once and wonders what that road is like. Wow! Some cars parked back behind in the back lot I have seen before. I wonder if that was a hidey hole (a place where gang stalkers meet and put extra cars to use later if needed – you know, drive around the lot once, then get the other car and go into the store or use it to go north). So, some join me on the way to Petaluma.

I will add more Blues tomorrow. Now, some of these were just parked in a lot with no one there. And who can tell though many cars do have Tells like references to Christianity, stickers of sea turtles, alumni plate frames, team plate frame, SF logos, damage, etc.

Ah well. I knew I put in too many. They load “backwards” and I started at the top and then switched to the bottom. Duplicates.

I compare the tactics used during Vigilante Stalking to be very much like the tactics used by the Stasi after they no longer wanted to let the west know that they were destroying people’s lives (much cleaner than breaking limbs and they couldn’t really explain why so many people were disappearing. So, you are using Nazi tactics if you are a Gang Stalker.

Oh, I do think I have one of the Drama King’s and Queen’s car from Luchessi Park in Petaluma, CA.


Really, where in the Bible does it say that Jesus approves of Mob violence? Not the Old Testament, but the New Testament? You know, Jesus. Right?




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