Example of Car Stalking, Hiding Cars, Plus: Mob Mentality, Vigilantes Attempt to Torture Their Target – Broke California Stalking Law

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July 20, 2017

This was the day before my son’s fabulous wedding. I was out shopping. I was followed by a mob in cars. That’s the only way to describe it. I finally pulled over and took pictures looking in the rear view mirror. All the pictures of cars coming from behind happen within a minutes time.


The above picture was taken near the KMart in town. Probably closer to Starbucks. I can’t be sure, but the roof looks familiar.

This was taken at 6:28 on a Thursday evening in a section of South McDowell Blvd that is not too heavily used. I know this because I was able to legally park. I will figure out where this was taken. I would be facing north, so the cars coming up to me would be traveling north. I was barraged even more before this. I just remembered. I had driven south on McDowell Blvd and crossed the intersection at Washington. I can’t make anything out of this, but there was a Petaluma Police Officer Car nearby. It turned off.

Another day, shortly before this, I was surrounded by black and a few dark blue trucks and cars. Not statistically possible unless there was a dark car, car rally.

I then turned around and was behind a few cars in front of me. So, I was going south towards Casa Grande High School. I was actually looking for a place that I could use to turn around. One car turned on the street that I was going to use. Darn. The next car turned into the Casa Grande parking lot – the entrance closest to the track and the tennis courts. Well, I couldn’t turn there, particularly since it was a late teens or twenty something girl with dark hair. I certainly didn’t want it to look like I was following her.

I turned into the second entrance to the parking lot (closer to where soccer is sometimes played – I know this because my daughter played soccer and must have played on every single field in her 12 years playing soccer. I was very surprised to see quite a few cars in the lot. Early football practice? No, that is in August. All teachers and administrators in the district (except the district office) would be off work. There were tennis players, but no where near enough to explain for the number of cars. This was a possible “hidey hole” for cars. I have seen one of two people get out of a car and get into their car in a parking lot. Quite often. I guess trying to make someone feel like you are running them down is more fun with two. Or, they may have two cars there and use one and then the other. One way to make the local numbers LOOK TWICE AS BIG.

The bottom six pictures (before my next comment, were taken somewhere else. But the foliage and the bus stopping in the last shot, my guess is this is at Leghorn Park in Petaluma, California. Groups of “kids” play basketball there, but I usually see if there are too many cars for the number of driving age players and people on the playground/field.

I haven’t taken the time to enlarge these to see what I can see.

I just quickly did some enlargements: Right side towards tennis courts, middle with more parking to the left of the large white truck all the way back (my daughter also played basketball one year), and towards the field that is sometimes used for soccer.

IMG_5005 (2) to the left.jpg

I was so “distraught” that I went back to my apartment and “sat in one place staring at wall”. Translation: I was so unfazed that I went back to my apartment and remembered to take a look at the meters that would be prepared for upcoming stucco/painting. The red tape was a bonus, as I had taken pictures of the whole complex a while back – it wasn’t there.

I noticed an emblem on a truck. Could be someone who went in the back way to Chunky’s Mexican Restaurant or at the park. I often hold up the sign for “b” or boss. Just wondering IF anyone is Vigilante Stalkig if their boss knows. I rarely see any businesses more than once except for Falck, Ghilloti (they do construction all over), a few cleaning services, Henri’s Plumbing, and most of the delivery services. Oh yeah. It’s perfectly normal to see them out and about. It’s just if I were running something as hideous as Vigilante Stalking, I would think that people who can choose their own route and time and location – for the most part would be advantageous to have in this illegal operation.

Oh! It’s a MOB. When people participate in a Mob activity, there is less guilt or fear of being “caught” as you are one of many. Yes, this IS Mob mentality.

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