Is Vigilante Stalking and Harassing (Gang Stalking) Leading the Second Generation Stalkers Towards Social Justice: Use Hate and Encourages Violence Towards Those That They Want to Live in a Better Society


How Social Justice Warriors Are Creating An Entire Generation Of Fascists

I with the older people would step back and observe some of the younger people (particularly the younger women 18-mid thirties) are becoming so Self Righteous, so non thinking, so anti regular justice. It’s scary. I wish all of you would examine how this is affecting the kids – the ones that think they are being placed in harms way – for the sake of “good”. Teaching them that our justice system is to be ignored, laws broken. This is mob justice.

You are having them ignore all that makes our justice system great. Yes, there are horrible laws and some lax sentences. That needs to change, but it sure doesn’t change with what you do. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is entitled to knowing what charges are being brought against them, have the right to have a defense and trial. How many of you (even those in the legal system) have experience with false evidence? Or…….whatever evidence? Or evil people who would produce false evidence.

Anyway, this is a good article on a scary topic. I didn’t realize this exists. Second generation Mob Justice group. Where will they take this in the future? You are teaching them to not think now.

“every manner of vile cretin – the sorts of people who would make even Charles Manson himself blush. With that said, never have I encountered anyone who was so giddy about their hatred than the people who make up the SJW community. These are people who, on a regular basis, call for violence and genocide against “oppressors”, whether it’s white people, heterosexual people, thin people, or just anyone who even slightly disagrees with them.”

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