How Should Targeted Individuals Document Events and “Suspicious Activity”

First: My post from June 30, 2017 was updated to show further developments.

You can go to my blog post from June 30th to see how I document some “suspicious activity”. I even had enough for a police officer to come out and write a report on suspicious activity.

To post something you suspect on a blog is one thing. Posting that same suspected activity/event on You Tube makes you look paranoid.

To make something that you have documented “hold water” or make a reasonable person at least think it is possible, you have to show that the event is something that: you could not have done and that it is unusual given what the norm would be.

The only exception to this rule has been a You Tube video where a man calmly describes what gangstalking looks like. He has notes and reads them calmly.

Now, go check out my June 30th post.

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