Targeted Individuals / Survivors, Who is Your Enemy? I Have One

So revenge is obviously a deeply messed-up expression of vindictiveness. It is hard to even call it evil. It is just plain insanity. A result of deeply messed-up thinking.

—Venkatesh G. Rao

50 Wise & Wicked Quotes About Revenge

Greed and hate. Hate fueled by an inability to forgive anyone who does something that undermines him. Hate fueled by greed. Greed that any – ANY of HIS money should go to someone he hates.

Supposedly, more women are Targets than men. Single women. That surprised me. I guess women are easy targets and, I am guessing, that men want revenge more often. I know my ex was recording voices. He used a recording of my sister’s voice to disorient me around Christmas of 2012. After walking into the entry, thinking my sister was there, I realized that it was too early. I also realized that the only was I could have her voice was to have heard a recording.

Have any of you Vigilante Stalkers recorded someone from a short distance and then played it back. I think you will be surprised. Maybe not a normal tone of voice, but that used in greeting someone. If it wasn’t an iPhone, it was something similar. The sound went all the way from the entry to the kitchen.

Let me give you my ex’s background. I received thousands of dollars over the years from the sale of Day-Glo Color Corporation and gifts from my parents. I always used the money towards us – except for 1 or 2 thousand to help my nephew in law and quite a bit to fight the development by Pinnacle Homes – the peak was rising behind our home.

2000 or 2001 – My ex’s parents passed away within a month of each other. His brother had passed away in 1991. My ex spent a lot of time in the garage. He sort of withdrew. That would have been difficult for anyone. I think it affected him more than I realized. It was a terribly difficult time. Taking care of an estate is overwhelming. He became the executor of the estate. I think he took this way too seriously. Some money went to my mother-in-laws relatives. But, not a lot.

He talked to his nephew a few times about helping him, but ended up not giving him a penny of the estate. Not one penny. Granted, my nephew had been in some trouble, but both his parents had been alcoholics. A small educational trust would have been nice. In order to live with this, I had to cut off emotionally from this side of my ex. He was a good dad and a difficult, but overall okay husband. We had some good times. Unfortunately, he had a tendency to use humor as a way to put someone down. I was his main target. Some people saw him as jovial and overall friendly – not so much couples we might have become friends with.

He had always loved cars. I didn’t have a problem when he purchased a Porsche. Maybe not very practical, but it was his passion. I didn’t have a problem when he purchased a 55 Chevy. He wanted to redo it and was convinced that someday he would make money off of it. I came across an insurance statement for a ’56 Chevy. He had a chance to tell the truth then. Instead, he said that it was an error and it was for the 55. I checked the VIN number. It didn’t match. We had always discussed any major purchases with each other. There was a ’56 Chevy up in Oregon (where he worked) and he was having it redone.

I was in shock. Never have gotten an apology, just a self righteous one sided statement on why he made the purchase. Then there were some statements showing money coming into our account from an investment account, and the same amount being withdrawn and going into an account by the same firm. I ended up with one statement, but couldn’t find it when I needed it. Then, I was called while my ex was in Hawaii and I was asked about purchasing a timeshare. I said I didn’t think we would use it. He purchased it without my agreeing to it – it was an even year or odd year timeshare. A few months later, he purchased the other year.

He did use some of the money towards the family. I always appreciated that. But, I had used thousands towards us including money needed after out son was born to purchase another home. During a deposition, I don’t believe my uncle’s stock gifts or gifts from my parents was acknowledged at all, but my ex was trying to get me to pay for the full amount towards the van and towards money used towards an investment condo. This is the way it is. You don’t own the person 1/2, you owe them the full amount.

My ex’s first reaction to hearing about the divorce was, “I am not paying any of your attorney fees”. He didn’t. Not one cent. He didn’t have an attorney for a few years. Then we had to make sure to tread lightly because he hadn’t been represented. It ended up that I “got” to keep my retirement (minus the 8 years that I had pulled out for us), and we would split his retirement. However, then I had to pay him $50,000 for the money he had used towards “us”.

Do you know if what anything my ex said has anything at all to do with what is going on now or what was going on in 2013? He had years to tape my voice. He knew I wasn’t happy and was withdrawing. I was overwhelmed by the “things” we had. I only asked that he act as though we were moving and get rid of some things. If anything, the mess in the garage got worse. Also, verbal “gaslighting” continued and got worse.

One more thing – If his parents felt slighted in any way – even something little, they would cut that person out of their lives. I know my ex was involved in 2012/2013. If it was something he said, or something he taped and had an expert cut and paste it, I would be highly suspect of that type of “evidence”. But you people are not supposed to think in these terms. You are told who the target is and that’s that. How many of you are just going by what you are told? What someone in your church or organization told you? Have you asked any questions. Nope – female, teacher, bipolar disorder, hospitalization. I already researched as best I could the types of people who commit crimes. Almost all have gone through traumatic abuse as a child, some have intellectual impairment. The number of person with mental illness is very, very low. But, only the famous cases come out. Not those of us who lead successful lives and carry on very well.

Really? I’ve been teaching since 1977. I’ve been involved in my children’s lives and their activities (sinister, right?). Actually, I really cannot have any idea what this is about. Does it make sense to go after someone when they haven’t even had a chance to talk to anyone? Well, this is what was done in 1997. This cannot go back to that I would think. Though someone tried to bring that in. I wrote a letter to the parties that I was supposed to be “affecting”. I like to have things out on the table. You people sure don’t.



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