Hey….Why Isn’t Anyone Reporting Whatever to the Police? Let’s Meet.

Image result for Free pictures of police officers

So, I “signed” police to one car and seemed to get a reaction. If there is something out there, I’ll meet with the police. No problem. I’m an up front type of person. Get to the bottom of the problem person. Anyone? If there is enough “???” to get people to react the way they are acting, then that should be turned into the police, right? Right.

I’ve never had a problem with police officers. Started two Neighborhood Watch programs. Did not open my door to two frustrated officers when my phone dialed 9-1-1. Not in the middle of the night. Not when I was from So Cal – you should hear the stories. Not too happy with the officer who came out when I was reporting a stolen computer, pills and money. He was just doing his job.

The guy and gal who came out when I needed to go back into the hospital were great. Hey, you always give “kids” an option. They did. The officer who pulled my daughter over – sure that he was going to find an underage driver. Well, he did, but I was in the car. The one who gave me the ticket on Ely. I deserved it and my only getting one other ticket in my whole life (16) probably helped sway him. Ah, the two who showed up at my door and said someone accused me of trying to hit her car. Really? I realized later that I was driving my sister’s car (longer than my car) and was turning around. My father had recently passed away. No, I wasn’t thrilled by your presence. Plus you were going on and on about taking down license plates. Oh well. Empty threats.

The officer who gave me a warning about even touching my cell phone when driving – that was good. Then the one who pulled me over to warn me about being a bit in the intersection. Realized I saw him and froze.

Oh. Weird, but it appears that many people pass by and then I see them texting while driving.

Driving by and sitting by churches is to see what happens. Like ten cars driving behind you pretending who swerve, pretending they will hit your car and then pull away and go around. The young female missionaries sort of told me, plus the dress of some of the people at Thanksgiving. I could care less………..unless someone is trying to cause physical or psychological damage to another person. Besides, this started with the Mormons 20 years ago. And to think I went to the “Church on Wheels” or whatever is was called. It was on the parking lot of the Mormon Church in Fullerton right next to my school. Raymond School in Fullerton, California. I am pretty sure that they talked about the five major religions by the time I was there.


Because I don’t know where else to put this right now. Right before the “open” stalking, there was a sort of sting. A few little things left out to see if I would respond to that. Then one of the puppetmeisters could say that I did such and such. Set ups and stings. Wow! Such a crime!

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