Updated: Examples of Unintelligent and/or Typical Gang Stalking Moves – A Few Neighbors Pitch In

IMG_5351 (2)                    IMG_5428 (2)

  • Little Miss Sunshine’s baby’s stroller. It’s either blocking the steps, halfway blocking the steps, sticking out at the top of the steps. You can stroll through Capri Creek in Petaluma, California to see how one neighbor puts stuff in the path. Oh, yeah coincidence. I doubt it.  Picture on the right is baby stroller today. Miracle! No, someone is reading my blog. I am looking down from my apartment which is 228.


  • The space above is reserved for the neighbor below me. She had a dead Christmas tree on her porch for a long time after Christmas. Dead and dreary. Why not? I live in 228. She is in 128. Hey, just the facts. This was taken in February.


  • Went to wash my hair before I went to have my hair cut. I always do this. I don’t want my hair to go a certain way because of styling or any hairspray in my hair. Here are two conditioners. I had washed my hair the day before. I had not used two conditioners.
  • Typical gaslighting move is to use something handy that takes very little time to do. As in above example. I had a conditioner/shampoo in both bathrooms.

IMG_5326 (2)

  • My apartment was a mess when I rushed away for the weekend. So, I would not have noticed anything moved. I almost banged into this chair in the bathroom. Now, I had NO reason at all to put that chair there. Must be poltergeist.


  • Very ugly cinnabar color used on the meters I see as I come down the stairs. Hmmm. Doubt if I have seen those colors used in this complex.


  • Now, this is more like it. Taken the same day. What I see and what every other completed paint job of meters looks like. Does not make sense to paint a dark color where lighter colors need to go.
  • Ah, but the color red is the theme.
  • Remember: AC Enterprises oversees the construction at Capri Creek. The construction workers do really nice work. Plus, they take time every day to make sure that they have cleaned up thoroughly. Always. They started work about a year ago.

http://acenterprises.biz/blog/                                                              http://www.capricreek.net/


  • Last week – the path leading from the four units where I live out to the parking lot. I took pictures of EVERY SINGLE WALKWAY. There was no other walkway that looked like this. What are the statistical changes that all these events would happen near my apartment and no others. Yes, Only I could see the red tape and caution tape. How about zero percent chance.



  • I guess the poltergeist or Gang Stalkers / Vigilante Stalkers thought this would mess with my mind. Oooh, Aaah. Right………………
  • Hanger in back seat of car hooked to headrest at an angle. After Starbucks and Sprouts in Cupertino.
  • I drive by a Mormon Church in Cupertino just to see the reaction – and to let them know how afraid I am of their cowardly bully tactics. Not!
  • I am someone who has researched the history of suspected churches involved. I know how your silly tactics work from prior experience. I was NOT raised to be a puppet in mostly patriarchal groups.
  • I am not fazed by your smoke and mirror tactics.

I checked today to see what the reaction would be if I drove or stopped on a public road near a Mormon Church. Very quick response. Frenzied. Really? Just reaffirms my latest theory. There is NO OTHER LARGE ORGANIZATION IN THE US THAT IS SO CONTROLLING AND SECRETIVE TO PULL OFF SUCH A MIRAGE! You may be helped by other threatened groups, but the Mormon church indoctrinates the children starting day 1 to be totally dependent on church and family. To leave is psychological torture. Shunned and a pariah, right? It is an extremely wealthy entity. All property and land is paid for. Psychological tactics and group spying/pressure keeps people in line. Psych tactic example: missionaries separated from families almost completely and are in twos to keep tabs on each other.

Free thinking is definitely not encouraged. My guess is that psychological “gaslighting” is the norn. Someone asks a viable question and the tables are turned so the asker is thrown off balabce and his or her worthiness or devotion is called into question.

Who better to pull off Stepford faces than Mormons who sit through 3 hour services and are visited by others who check on their loyaly monthly. Other groups are there, but not as consistently. Not the “devotion” or “God points” being dangled over your heads.

It takes away free thinking to be told everything you must believe. Most of the groups. Does condemnation by such a caring family centered church carry more credence? Family centered. Right. Unless a child is gay and doesn’t pray enough or try hard enough to change his or her eays. Like the second grade boy who was very effeminate and who drew very detailed puctures of ladies’ shoes. Or, the boys whose mothers took a certain drug that increases the likelihood of a male child being homosexual. Or the hormones female fetuses ars expised to that

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