UPDATE: Red Rover, Red Rover, Let ____________ Come Over (insert name of Gang Stalker driving red car in the blank)


How many red, maroon, plum cars can you gather? Not as many red as black cars. How about red, yellow and orange. That sounds like fun!

Bipolar News: “Other DBSA bipolar disorder statistics from 2000 shows that people with the disorder suffer through as long as 10 years of coping with symptoms before getting diagnosed accurately……Only 1 person in 4 receives an accurate diagnosis in less than 3 years!” I count my blessings. From onset (March 1997 – age: 42), to diagnosis and ruling out medical causes was about 5-6 months. At the first sign of a symptom that was more than “a floaty head feeling (more from anxiety)”, I was on the phone to my doctor. Unfortunately, I could not handle the side effects of lithium. Let’s just say if anything cause someone gastrointestinal problems it would be me. Depakote was chosen and I gained 50 pounds. I was famished and could not leave the house without something so eat.

http://www.bipolar-lives.com/bipolar-disorder-statistics.html  (varies – I would say about 2%)

UPDATE: May Cars

UPDATE: Rest of June Cars. Wow, colored text. More cars seen out and about.

Seriously, will someone have a talk with the “gentleman” (youngish I am guessing) about a decoration on his car. Funny, but not appropriate. 

Oops. Posting a few more than once. Has to be an easier way.

Well, computer woes. More to come.

Moving on:

I purposely reposted some of these pictures. To get a sense of what the one car looks like, I needed to post them in a different order.

More to come.

Okay – red cars that I have seen out and about. Just interesting cars. Cannot say anything special about them. To do so would be nuts, looney, crazy……………..


To say that I was severely harassed on Washington Street between the library and the intersection of Washington and McDowell would be nuts also. Right? This was yesterday, July 9, 2017.


To think that I was such an easy going child. I would go on a car trip and would look out the window for hours. Taking in the scenery. Though the trip from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in (gasp!) Utah to somewhere in the Bay Area about did me in. We would see trash cans along the freeway in the desert and would celebrate. That was B.C. and before off roading – so earlier 20s.


I guess I am not such a quiet adult. Though I do remember being challenged to a fight after school. I showed up, but the other girl didn’t. I stuttered at the city council meetings in Corona when our Neighborhood Watch group was pushing for a stop sign (and won). Didn’t keep me from making my voice heard (was paired with a lazy student and we acted out a scene from a famous play – always overly conscientious, this not being able to do the scene with the numbskull, must have caused the stuttering in front of official groups. I got over that years ago.


I know you’ll excuse the repeats. I like to look at the whole product that I am producing at once. That is the only thing that I (really, really) dislike about using a computer.


I think those were only the random red care pictures of June and July. Oh my! Too cute of a bunny. I realized that after I posted these pics that I picture scared rabbits as you hop away because you don’t want to be seen behind your KKK masks (hats, hoods, sunglasses, cars, lights, arms, elbows, hair flipping, nose picking, face scratching……………………as you have observed, that has really affected my memory for details. No………….I’m not great with faces, but if I focus and can tie a face to someone I already know…….I’m set. No that those tactics work. I can often see what I need to anyway).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Rover   I started teaching in 1977. By then, we didn’t have kids running through to break a chain. At least I didn’t. Yeah – 1977. One year before most people my age would have started. My parents said they would pay for 4 years of college. I finished getting my diploma December 1976 and had my credential by May 1977.

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