Oooh, Aaah. NOT. Getting Closer and Closer to the TRUTH – Gangstalkers Push and Push and Push. Yes!

White Cars at Leghorn Park

Prequel: I almost forgot the most important part. Some of you truly believe you are ridding the world of evil. Read the Bible, particularly the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then study the laws regarding stalking.

I talked to a lady yesterday. She was talking about the news. Said that she didn’t pay attention to the news, but read her Bible. She feels that the end of the world is coming as predicted. Fine, but is she one of those doling out an executioner’s sentence without having any idea what a modern trial would look like? Would someone like her hear, “Bipolar”, hospitalization, teacher” and be convinced that there is a  problem if another part of a sentence was added. I have NO DOUBT that she would believe what she is told. Because she knows no difference and probably belongs to a religious group that delves deeply into the Bible, but not in today’s reality.

How many out there know that this whole charade is bogus? That is is being done because: I know as much as anyone can about Vigilante Stalking; because I am the target of someone from my past or two someone’s past; to protect a church and maybe church leaders.

There is NO justification under the U.S. laws or “Christianity” for this type of mob justice. NONE! Our justice system’s foundation is based on “innocent until proven guilty”. PERIOD. You have a problem? Spend the same amount of time and gas money trying to get some things changed…………………people in the “biz” say there is nothing to be done. OH WELL. I am serious. NO ONE IN THIS Country has the right to take the law into his own hands. NO MATTER WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW. That is wrong and distorted thinking. Why else would you hide your faces and run like rabbits if I might record your plates? The justice system is set up so hopefully people who are framed will not be “hung”, so that motives behind such framing can at least be looked at. Who? Well, one law group seems to be popping up, one religious group or more have really good reasons for this gangstalking to continue to be known as a myth and not be connected with killing many people. Think puppets!


Today, I was surrounded by dark blue and black vehicles (mostly trucks) on Washington between the library and where Washington has the two left turn lanes that go onto McDowell. Oh geez! The puppetmeister put out a call for black and dark blue vehicles. Then the ants converged.

I was wondering why the totally off the charts push by these Vigilantes/Gangstalkers: out of towners, people off the 101……….started with certain groups and then grew and grew.  I drove around by myself for a few minutes and it hit: Oh, I’ve been getting too close to the truth. YES! Possible reasons:

  • My comment regarding church “groups” representing a church and school “groups” representing schools hit home. Not to mention that I am a person with a disability…………harassment at work takes on a whole new look. (I can’t believe that in 2017, I have to play the disability card – not that I should want to or need to……………..???)
  • Do most of these people have some sort of connection to a church that is involved? Are there an unusually large amount of people in certain occupations from fairly strict religious backgrounds and/or narrow viewed backgrounds?
  • Maybe a few people are starting to listen to me.
  • I know more about this harassment than almost anyone else. The higher ups can’t let me talk about this. You might think you are Vigilante Stalking, but when someone is controlling the agenda, it is Gang Stalking.
  • I am not afraid to name places and dates (like Kaiser, Leghorn Park, Sebastopol, Petaluma……………). OR post pictures.
  • People are “bugged” by my asking the hard questions and/or telling the truth: “Why?” “Why are you trying to kill me?”Using signs to bring up the KKK, Civil Rights, East Germany and Nazis. Yes, this is JUST like what the Nazis did to people, they just didn’t use so many people to carry it off. The KKK wore hoods instead of hiding behind steering wheels. They did hide behind darkness. They didn’t bother with a judge or jury.  They went right to executioner.
  • This is just a realization – off topic. Someone had to break HIPAA laws or some other protected information for anyone to know about my 10 days in 2013 – which was because I was 100% positive that I was dying……………..faked being okay after 3 days, sister knew I wasn’t when we got to my apartment and back I went. So, was that technically a 5250, Yes. How many of you have had relatives who had a “nervous break down”? That is what they used to call needing help from depression. So, what story was made of that? If you can’t take care of yourself at all, you are a danger to oneself. At least that has been accepted.
  • After nine months there ARE people who are asking why am I doing so well? OR, maybe my question about why not in 2015-2016 school year? THAT makes no sense at all. Unless you look at a map……….where I worked was highly isolated. There probably no teachers who would have gone along with this idiotic practice.


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