Who is Responsible if a Church or School Harasses? This just came to me…….anyone?

Today, I was wondering how many families drove two cars to church and then dropped one off around town. I have a story from a while back. I was at Coddingtown Center in Santa Rosa and I was parked in front of Macy’s. There was a grandfather there with his grandson and they were in a car. A while later another car drives over and parks.

I am not sure how, but I guess I pick up on subtle nuances – at times. I could tell that the two parties knew each other. It was just a look over by one or something. I said, “You know each other.” Then, “You go the the same church!” Oh did that startle them. I had hit it on the head.

Today I was mulling that over and I was thinking how this could be a group church activity or very much like a group church activity. If so, would the church be somewhat to blame, or at least share some of the responsibility. How about the district? Two schools. Who would be responsible.

Why did someone tell me early on that she does not have access to change anything on the online computer IEP program? That was a strange comment.  I did have trouble with that program. I KNOW I wrote some things and they were removed so I had to scramble to redo the sheets. Oh! that is workplace harassment and I just happen to be a person with a disability. That shouldn’t matter, but it does. It does a whole, whole bunch. Is the district responsible? i would think that some of the liability lies with the districts.

Whoever is smoking downstairs or has whatever smells like cigarette smoke. Oh gee whiz.

Well, what happened. Was it that you can not read my mind? Oh………………..went home a sort of back way, but when you take back roads……………….and know so many different ways around this county…………oh well.

I do know someone managed to get a restraining order against the Mormon church. This one guy kept telling the people who came to the door, not to come back. He had written saying that he was leaving the church. They came to his door. He said that he didn’t want to talk to anybody.   Judge must have listened.


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