So, in 2012-2013 school year, my red address book was looking worn. The edges were worn, but in a too perfect way. Not the way the edges of a book would normally look.IMG_4291 (2)

So, something that I would see everyday that was a connection with friends, family, memories.

This time the table legs on my white table looked really dusty. Funny, to be that dusty all of a sudden. I realized that it was Gangstalking Dust. I am not sure how this is done, but I am guessing it is some sort of spray. I cleaned them off really well. It has to be washed off. Wonder of wonders………it came back. Not as bad as before…………..but here it is.


Right, white table leg. That “dust” has to be washed off. This is also used on license plates to make them harder to read. Look for car plates where there is dust all over the plate, but the California is not dusty. Some times just part of the plate is “dusty”. Other tricks are to use a plastic cover. As they age, it’s hard to see the plate. Sometimes letters or numbers will be partially “scratched” making it hard to read. Every once in a while, the blue on the California numbers and letters will have been painted a brighter blue.