Message to the Ants Who Just Came Crawling Out of Their Hidey Holes – Idiotic Gangstalkers / Vigilante Stalkers

To any Survivors / Targeted Individuals out there dealing with these droids: they cannot read your mind even though they want you to think they can. Nope, it’s computer hacking, phone hacking………………smoke and mirrors and magic tricks. Turn off the gps on your phone to slow them down a bit and got a different way. Get a map. Use it. Learn the roads. You are so in control when you turn down a street in an area that they totally did not expect you to go to. Wow! Normal traffic! They are just Bogarts. Look up Harry Potter. Come up with some picture in your mind to represent these twits. My picture is ants crawling out of hidey holes and scared rabbits when I am behind them and they hop away (Like the KKK, they hide behind their cars instead of hoods).

I just made a recording. It was entitled “Screw You”! Yep…………….my friends would not believe it (that I used that language – ah well……………… too bad.).

I was cleaning my car……………and had a thought. Instead of going straight back up to my apartment over by the new Safeway, like I had planned, why not get some ants out of their hidey holes. AND especially get people out of their houses – disrupt their evenings. I didn’t want to take down a single plate. No siree!

I hoped I disrupted a whole bunch of people’s nights. See – I am so meant for this job! I used to go on car rallies. What a blast! So, screw you!


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