Gangstalker Baby Sitters and “Oh Shit!”Looks by Gangstalkers / Vigilante Stalkers/Harassers. I Laugh.

2015 October 154

The Giants are a “tell” – one of the trademark symbols of the Nor Cal Gangstalkers. Another one is skeletons. So, here we have two tells rolled into one.

There seems to be a babysitter where ever I go. It’s not hard. You go outside and someone drives up in their car or someone takes out the trash. Sounds crazy? Well, last night there was a lady standing across the parking lot. She appeared to be waiting for something, but strarted out taking some broken down cardboard boxes to the recycling.

There always seems to be a baby sitter around. I use baby sitter very disrespectfully. I am not going to give these people silly names. Baby Sitters are Vigilante Stalkers who drive through my apartment complex, VSs who walk through while I am around. The idea is partly to not allow this horrible potential “perpetrator” out of their site and to bug me/make things appear to be “off”. See, I caught one last night. I would have been going to my car sooner, but stopped to look at something. The lady with the cardboard looked like an actor waiting in the wings to start her role.

“Oh Shit!” looks. When I got sidetracked by the avoid freeways being changed on my phone, I ended up in a place in the middle of nowhere.  There was a lady in there and she looked at me and looked shocked and also she appeared to recongnize me. Happens quite oten. GPS turned off on my phone and I like to drive all different ways.

Here are some ways the “Oh Shit Look” is created. Drive around a corner and there will be that look on someone’s face. Seems like my picture must be bandied about. Then there was the man from the other night. He had to have that look on his face before his face did  180 to keep it hidden. The way her tore out of there was almost dangerous as far as his pulling out and charging across the parking lot and out to the street. Today a couple pulled into Starbucks, looked at me and then went to the drive through. Too late. I do laugh. You are committing a serious crime – every single one of you. Doesn’t matter what your job is. You are participating = committing a crime.


  1. I finally came up with  “there cannot be any video of a crime, because I am not that type of person”. Period, because if there really was something there, there – conclusive then why do this? So, some words that were cut and pasted, a video made? The lady across the way brought up marijuana. Makes me wonder why. The day after I had night terrors and could not wake myself up, I called my sister to ask about them and also looked up date rape drugs. I don’t know. Sound bytes added up, video bytes added. Most people say Scoplamine cannot make someone do something they wouldn’t do. Is is an urban legend? I don’t know. Sure would be dangerous to mix anything with the mix I take at night. I might have a drink every few months and not too close to bed. No way.

According to the CIA, scopolamine was used in the early part of the 20th century, along with morphine and chloroform, to send women into a “twilight state” during childbirth. “A constituent of henbane, scopolamine was known to produce sedation and drowsiness, confusion and disorientation, incoordination, and amnesia for events experienced during intoxication,” the agency says. “Yet physicians noted that women in twilight sleep answered questions accurately and often volunteered exceedingly candid remarks.”

That led a Texas obstetrician to decide to use the drug in the interrogation of criminals, thus turning the drug into a truth serum. According the The Guardian, there are reports of it being used as such in Nazi Germany, as well as being employed by witches in the Middle Ages — as you’d imagine with something that comes from a plant called “henbane.” It makes no sense at all to try to destroy someone based on any video or audio without have a forensic specialist analyze it. Guess these people have to believe. Have to hate.

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