Street Theater and Silly Sightings – Ooooh, Aaaah, Not!

IMG_0803 (3)

SURVIVORS ! Targeted Individuals of Gangstalking/Cause Stalking/Vigilante Stalking and Harassment, here are some great examples of street theater and silly sightings presented to you by Sonoma County Repertoire Stalkers and Harassers.

Not all of these street theater and silly sighting incidences have photos to go along with them. But, some do. AND in any cases with the photos, as Monk would say, “I could be wrong, but I’m not.” I don’t know? What do you think?

  • Oh, it’s so hard to remember far back, but as I look again, I am sure there will be some prior to the following.
  • Part of the Pre Harassment Mini Shows were: parking with lights shining right at me, from the front or from behind (not enough to make me think anything is going on and I had been there before), and parking next to me and lighting up a cigarette (I had found my shady space to take my break. You go somewhere else). These things happened in Petaluma but also at Costco in Rohnert Park.
  • Who would bother? People who think that they can be judge, jury and executioner because they are on the side of “Truth and justice and the American way!” Seriously, they think they are getting someone off the street who is a danger to others. They do it for free. Because…….
  • Sometime at Peet’s in downtown Petaluma, there was a couple and a barista. I was waiting for my coffee. So, was the couple. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow the barista started singing. I think I had left my purse behind me at the bar against the window. I don’t remember missing anything – that time.
  • The following was quite a show – in drizzle – This guy in Sepastopol was making a big show of taking off a magnetic advertisement. Oh, geez………..right. Some ads are magnetic, BUT some aren’t. Early February.                                                             .IMG_6943 (2)
  • A non clown dressed kind of like a clown. At the parking lot near Hop Monk in Sebastopol, Maybe this is just who is naturally is…………or not.
  • A man and woman acted like they were going to truly get into a physical altercation at the gas station on the 116 on the way to Sebastopol. Oh my. Yelling and screaming and foul language. I was on the verge of calling 911. I can’t be sure this was street theater. But, they were pretty good.  I believe this was in May, maybe April.
  • A person who works at a local store downtown started playing a song I had been listening to a LOT. I think it was my Neil Diamond. Let’s just say this is more of a hometown type of store. I thought, “Really, not you too!” This was during one of the long weekends I believe. I was there for work. Hmmmmm. My coworkers never really seemed interested in what I had found out. ????
  • An Ugly Acting Group – and friends.  I went to a local park. Tons of cars, but very, very few people in view.  Here is a true 360 of the park. It starts with the front parking lot. I could see people over in that section. But then it ends up at the side parking lot. You can’t tell in these pictures, but there are a quite a few cars parked way at the end – in the last photo.

    I really had only come to relax and have my salad. Then I noticed all the cars, and very, very few people. I figured it to be a hidey hole – a place where gangstalkers, the ants/droids leave cars. They are in groups of two or more and leave cars and then drive together. It is much more fun that way. There were two interesting street theater events…………and even an event planner. This large white SUV was parked where I could see it from the “back lot”

    ……………………………………………………………………and then it was in front of the building as I left. IMG_3714 (2)

  • IMG_4084IMG_4086IMG_4088 (2) Anybody want to take a guess? Anybody? There is a phone in her hand, then she holds this blue device above her head. The blue device looks like it has a lens. Then she walked as though she had a really purpose and would go to another spot and put on the same show.
  • Somewhere in Petaluma…………………I do know the date and place. This is a typical move.            IMG_4057

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