Same Smoke and Mirror Tricks by Gangstalkers / Vigilante Stalkers, AND I Must Really be P####ing Them Off. Yay!

I was so pleased today to see how many stupid, idiotic Vigilante Stalkers’ vehicles were out and about. That means I have made them mad or have………………….let me stop for a second. I never even used the word pee with my kids. I didn’t grow up with it. But, the language changes. That being said, my language is sure changing too. I have discovered that, though it might be nice to use some high faluting word, some words just are right for the situation. Okay, so I was really glad to see how many Cause Stalkers were out there because I figured that they were really pissed off. That is a good thing.

Now, you expect me to throw up my hands and crawl into some hole. Nope, you crawl out of your hidey holes with your cars (like KKK hoods). You won’t stop, why would you think I would? Wow, smoke and mirrors. Oh no! There were some things changed in my car. Survivors / Targeted Individuals, messing with little things in cars is so easy to do.

  • All someone needs to do to make a copy of your key fob is to have access to it for a short time. Go look in your local car supply store. They are even selling them. I believe about 20 years ago, I heard a report on people being able to open up garage doors and cars with devices that would somehow figure out the code. I have read mixed reports on the internet, but I know it’s so easy peasy now. Belonged to 2 Neighborhood Watch groups. Officers always said to lock the door going from the garage to the house. Actually, we started both Neighborhood Watch groups. Back then, the rules were very clear – You see something unusual, you call your neighbor, but DO NOT do anything on your own.
  • My car can be locked on unlocked by someone in the vicinity of my vehicle very easily. Happened in 2013. The first time it happened last fall or winter – someone locked it when I was inside, I unlocked it. This went on about five times and I was laughing. Seriously. My other set of keys had disappeared a while back. Plus, every field is represented. Key fobs, no sweat.

Here are some car tricks:

  • Move the outdoor mirrors. Oh, I finally figured out that someone can do that from the outside of the car.
  • Put the seat back. Don’t even have to get in the car. Open, move close – 10 seconds.
  • Turn the rate of air flow up. Wow!
  • Pull out the change “drawer”. Whoopee!
  • Drop a shiny penny on the seat. ooooh, aaaah. Not. OR whatever little thing they are using as a “trigger” and any time. Something that is supposed to make you get that clenched up stomach feeling. However you feel is the way your brain is wired to feel. My solution. Take whatever item it is and put some out yourself. Leave pennies on the car floor, outside the car…………….have fun. No one should have fun doing this. It’s a deadly game, but might as well enjoy the battle. You condition yourself back to not being bothered by whatever you are supposed to be bothered by. Don’t worry. It takes time. This is my second go round with such a twisted mob mentality. I’m learning how to make things work.
  • Turn on a signal.
  • Oh, all kinds of things. There were quite a few when I got to my car. It’s so matter of fact now I am not sure which ones – the air flow one is the one I remember. But, how would they do this without being seen? Of course someone is seen, but if it is what we expect to see our brains don’t pay much attention to it. Besides there being a whole lot of Droids there, someone walking up to a car, unlocking it, doing a few things and coming out holding a wallet or something would not make us think twice. It probably was done while I was in the bathroom. 20 seconds tops? Less.
  • I realized later that these idiots had gone back and are retrying some things, but did it with overkill. Oh goody. They are reading my blog!
  • Oh wow! A whole bunch of cars with lights on. Have you read the Harry Potter where the young wizards have to face their greatest fear? They think of something that makes them laugh and that destroys the creature trying to scare/terrorize them. There are people sitting in those cars, trucks, vans. Everyday people just like the ones driving their cars in the daytime. For me they are ants that have crawled out of their hidey holes.
  • In 2013, I thought of them as spiders. Not good. Besides that doesn’t describe them at all. I hate to put down ants, but it fits. Work in a group for a common cause……….little tiny critters……………that someone can step on. Oh yeah, you get close and they know you are there and they scatter. I just thought of that.
  • When they scatter, I picture them as scared rabbits hopping away. I guess they have to turn back into ants to fit into the holes.
  • So many. Well, yes and no. I saw three couples at Starbucks today that were there and left in different cars. Could be normal. BUT…………one trick is to drive somewhere with two cars, get in one car, drive by the Survivor / Target. Maybe drive that same car where the target won’s be able to tell its the same, then go back and do the same thing with the second car. oooh, aaaah. NOT.

Good definitions. I want this to reference, BUT I don’t even go near the terms electronic harassment and lasers and such. Everything needs to be able to be explained with known technology, or people will continue to think this is all crazy. It is crazy STUPID in so many ways…………………………..

One comment

  1. Fortunately I don’t have a car, but the micro -sabotage-harassment is familiar. I had a bike. Someone kept tightening the brakes onto the wheel. At the time my arthritis was playing up and I had no tools so I did not have the strength to fix the brakes. I got rid of the bike and got an exercise bike. Brand new, a reputable make. The bit that fitted the pedal to the machine, where you screw it in was filed down so that the pedals no longer fitted. Brand new machine reduced to junk. a couple of weeks later I was in a bank and some young men, obviously mentally challenged started laughing and joking wildly about “get on your bike”.
    This gas lighting behaviour is so obsessive and absurd that the person who complains aobut it looks like a mental case – which is how the harassment is designed.
    One TI – stoporganstalking – made the point that being gang stalked is like being married to an abusive man when you didn’t marry one. As most TIs are women, it seems someone has the intention that no woman will be allowed the option of avoiding having abusive men in her life.
    Brave account. Although you presented it humouresly (good on you) and had me laughing, I know how grinding down this war of attrition can be.
    Take care now. Mucking around with cars can be dangerous.
    All the best
    (If there are long gaps in my replies that is because I am not on the internet and sometimes only get to the library about once a week.


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