Don’t Want People Going, “OMG”, Look Where She is Walking, Stupid Stalkers

I need to walk and I don’t want it to be Shollenberger Park all the time. I’ve been walking parks all over Petaluma for years. I know just about where every park is. My daughter played soccer and I subbed. I also like to take back roads to see where they go (take after my dad). So, I may walk the track where I can keep an eye out on my car. I might walk the park near me (OMG there will be kids playing basketball – Yawn. When I was in my teen’s I’d walk my dog to have an excuse to walk by the guys on my street who played basketball. I don’t have an ulterior motive to walk or to – gads sake – to eat my lunch in the McNear park parking lot. I might even walk the track at Grant School. Oh no! revisiting Grant – only the school that my daughter went to K-6th, went on field trips every year (SEE what that proves!) worked as a long term sub full time two times and was an RtI teacher at Grant one year. Oh yeah, I was the committee chairman for the art show and a Girl Scout leader. So, if you see me walking about town……………..I am walking. My lymphedema is helped tremendously and I HAVE To lose weight! So spread you vile rumors – slander laws by the way.

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