A Gang (Mob) is Where a Coward Goes to Hide

Group vigilantism is a mob. A mob uses the numbers in a crowd to “get away” with things they would not do on their own. Each and EVERY person in this Vigilante / Gang Stalking Mob is a coward.
A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide.
Mickey Mantle
Players in this Mob:
  • The head of the mob. See themselves as very powerful, maybe with money or power like power in a church, business. Imagine having a way to do away with your enemies that cannot be proved. Ah, but technology will catch up to you.
  • Those people that wouldn’t care if I was a target because I looked at someone cross eyed. I saw this 20 years ago. I saw this in 2013. I am the “enemy” to this “good of the whole” mentality.
  • The people for whom this is an important part of their lives – a social outlet. An extension of church for some. Perhaps this takes the place of church for others. Offers a sense of belonging.
  • Social outlet and addicted to the feeling of power, do good power……………addicted and are fooling themselves daily that this is worth it. Worth stomping on the foundation of our legal system.
  • The people who are followers of a larger organization: church, Masons ? (just wondering – my grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason. I did not like Job’s daughters. The white robes and the exclusiveness were just not me. Some of these people go just on what they are told. Righteous group. Anyway, some of the followers are followers of the heads of this mobbing. My sister loved Jobs daughters. I realized just now that it wasn’t the ritual component, but the secretive and exclusive ritual component. I was involved in the Ragger Program through the Y. YMCA/YWCA.  It was a God based self directed year long spiritual growth. I have wondered what a program like this would do for the youth of our country. All people need to belong to something. That is where gangs come in. We’ve seen how inner city dance programs (all kinds of dance) give kids a sense of belonging and keep them out of gangs.
  • Elderly people or people who like to have a cause and can be roped in easily. I believe my sister’s step father in law was one. I doubt if his wife knew. Just like some of you have people with you who have no idea – like my cousin’s son. Ran into him and his cable running partner in a parking lot. I don’t think that the guy driving was a happy camper when my relative and I hugged and exchanged family pleasantries. Oops.
  • People that have NO GOOD EXCUSE IN HEAVEN OR EARTH for being a part of this: teachers, principals, health care workers, maybe a dentist.
  • People who are self righteous and think that their way is the only way, but for this cause they will come together. I’ve had a personalized plate. BUT, the number of personalized plates among this mob is astonishing. Certainly does not fit in with whatever the norm is.
  • Whatever your motivation is, you have no idea how dangerous this step is that you have taken. This was used in East Germany and it kept the wall up. I don’t care how you justify this. It is wrong in so many ways. AND GET THE KIDS OUT of this. Driving someone crazy (not me) and they might snap…………………..stupid, stupid, stupid.
A person true to the United States of America would look a person in the eye and say what is wrong, what they are “accused” of. THAT is the foundation of our justice system. If you are disgusted or laugh because you think I am not worthy of saying such a thing (whatever lies were told or “facts” contrived)………it doesn’t matter. Justice matters.
I believe that in post 9/11 it has become even easier to justify vigilantism. I am disturbed when someone says, “Well, I have nothing to hide.” as the reason they are not concerned by Homeland Security and the power that some would like it to have. That’s not the point. History tells us that if too much power is given to an entity, that entity can turn and create the rules and take away freedoms. That power can destroy lives haphazardly, or with purpose to further an agenda. Look at the McCarthy trials, East Germany, Hitler, …………………………….
I say that “this” Mob / vigilante Stalking has five hands and neither one knows what the other hand is doing. Who could benefit from the power of this mob? Individuals carrying out personal agendas, groups carrying out their agendas…….Maybe this is like Stranger on A Train: I kill for you, you kill for me. Oh, the mob is told that this is for a just causes and they are told whatever it is that gets them on board, but I don’t think they know what comes ahead of the target acting “strange”.
  • Gaslighting in the person’s house and even bedroom at night (if the person takes meds to sleep)
  • Stealing items
  • Vandalism
  • Stealing medications
  • Gaslighting on steroids.
  • Computer Hacking
  • Phone hacking
  • Possible use of taped digital bytes put together. In a trial a forensic expert would testify to the validity of the “tape”.

But, some of you don’t care because justice is being meted out the way you feel it should be meted out – no judge, no jury, just execution.

What is the hidden agenda? There are some pretty powerful people I believe pulling the strings. Church leaders? Spouses – Strangers on a Train type spouses. Men more than likely. Early on these men would be near by. One, just sat right next to me and looked straight ahead. Use to intimidating people I am sure. The problem is that your power doesn’t work on me. I’m not one of you. Not in your cult. Oh and anyone who does this has joined this CULT.

The term Homeland has bothered me from day 1. Turns out that it was first coined in 1997 by the Pentagon. To me it sounded like something from East Germany. Oh, Germany used the term, “Fatherland”.

Just a thought. More on Mob mentality and the different arms…………..to come

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