How I Have Survived Gang Salking

Some of the things I have done as a Survivor of Vigilante Stalking have helped me maintain a sense of “self” and control. Some of these actions have possibly been filmed and used against me: “See, she’s over the top. Must be manic/out of it/a certain danger to others”. Double edged sword. A friend, sort of believes, sort of doesn’t, says, “Why don’t you just ignore it?” Ah, I don’t say how intense it is because that would show that I am losing it.

What has worked for me:

  • In the car:
  • Acting as a conductor to music. I played the violin for 10 years. I can listen to music and act as a conductor. Takes my mind off and away from the Droids / Gang Stalkers
  • I conduct the Vigilante Stalkers and “tell” them where to go. Not really, but I bet this bugs them. Act like a conductor, pointing the invisible conductor’s ?????? towards the side of the car and back like I’m directing them to go past me. Conduct the people who go past with the ?????? You get the drift.
  • I’ve done the same with a flashlight, in and out of the car. Great pictures/videos I am sure. With this, it is more like I am directing traffic
  • Listen to loud music and open my windows and sing if I can. This actually gets a laugh out of normal people.
  • Learned some sign language and signed certain things. It doesn’t matter a whole much if they don’t get what the words mean. It makes me feel better. We can’t communicate with them, but I am pretty sure they know what “idiot”, KKK, Cult (spelled out – I make my Ks different), break laws, traveling across state lines (take two fingers and sweep them back and fourth). Anyway, you get the drift. I don’t really care that much if I am seen as crazy. This will go on forever. Seriously. In my case it will.
  • Use maps and go on a country road (privacy on  my phone and wi fi off). It takes them a while to figure it out. I do this thing where I sweep my arm across in front of me, raise my shoulders and ask: Where are they? Thumbs down – not very good idiots.
  • If I am going slow enough or am parked, I hold up one wrist and tap on it as though I am pointing to my  with my other asking, “Where have you been?” or saying, “It sure has taken you long enough!”
  • Thumbs  up  when you first drive out for the day, for “Good job”, “Look at all those people”. I must be doing really well.
  • Take two hands far apart and slap them together for “full court press and give thumbs up – meaning that I must be doing well for this many people to be out. Just for little ol’ me.


  • Here is a link with survival tactics. I still don’t go along with anything that cannot be explained using modern technology. Mind control? Drugs maybe. Music or drum beat subtle barely discernible. Sure. I have a solution for that too.


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