Why the Sheriffs? Someone Can’t Let it Go? Prove You Are Right?

Okay………….I risk riling these people or some of these people again. This stopped after I reported that a Sonoma County Sheriff was going so fast around the curve near Lily Kai that if I had been out another foot or two – it would not have been good.

  • 1996-1997 School year. Actually it wasn’t until March 1997. There were probably a few warning signs ahead of time, but not really. Within a nano second I went into a MILD manic phase. Might not have seemed mild to one certain person, but that is the only person I acted strange around. Seriously. Mild because most of it was in my head and I was functioning okay for the most part.
  • Summer 1997 – there were a whole lot of coincidences. Did anyone bother to check my background? No, this wasn’t official, right?
  • Anyway, I was told at some point that the brother in law was a Sonoma County Sheriff, so I had that in my head. Oh, the people checking me out then – looks of chagrin on their faces.
  • Sometime between fall 2007 and fall 2008, a man with a fair complexion, very short hair (maybe shaved),  stopped his sheriff’s vehicle as I was coming out of the Starbuck’s lot in Rohnert Park. His vehicle was sort of in front of mine. The look he was giving me definitely was a look of hate.
  • During the 2010-2011 school year, I was in Sonoma Valley. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department cover the city of Sonoma. There were a NUMBER of times when I was driving home at night, when there would be a sheriff’s car stopped at the side of the road with the lights going. Would have been normal but there was no other car there. There was nothing going on.
  • Funny, that stopped after I dropped off a letter at one of the empty sub stations one night.
  • 2011-2012 school year. Normal as far as I can remember.
  • 2012-2013. I take a trip down to Southern California and it appears that every so often someone is following me…………gets off, then someone else would be there. One man looked scared. Then the gaslighting starts up at work and home.
  • April 2013 – I am not being effective at work for reasons that I have gone into before. No sheriffs from what I remember.
  • End of September 2013, the day before we were moving out. I am acting “not normal”. I hadn’t been driving because of the anxiety……and I was talking about just driving off into the sunset. The day BEFORE I was going to be leaving my house.
  • Was I manic before that? I realized recently that I wasn’t. Anyone going through this is going to act strange, sometimes really strange. Some, in fact, many people with bipolar disorder have depression as their main “symptom” That is one reason that some people go for years being diagnosed as unipolar, then they have a manic period.
  • 2013-2014 – depression and anxiety until I ask my doctor to put me on a med with seratonin in it. One month I was fine. Dealing with a healing broken ankle, but fine.
  • 2014-2015 school year. Subbing and everything is just fine. Why?
  • 2015-2016 working and everything is just fine. Why?
  • 2016-2017……….had that one weird night in July, but must have been a fluke. Though at the back of my mind I knew – no change in meds, nothing different in my life. But, people were being really rude with their lights. Parking in front of me and leaving their lights on. Interesting. No one would do that now. I would take down their plate. I just realized that. No one does that now. They are always over an aisle or two. The sightings of official vehicles increases. Including the sheriff’s department. See, the Mormon connection
  • Day of the Dead in Petaluma, CA. My son, his girlfriend and I go to Lily Kai’s. We come out and there is a Napa County Sheriff’s vehicle parked in the lot where we would have to see it as we go to the car. hmmm. We had been texting about going to Lily Kai’s. There were two people in the car. Not the norm. Tried to look very threatening. I’ve been to hell and back too many times to be threatened by two guys sitting in a car.
  • …..Also, Thanksgiving coming up from Southern California to Northern California, there were quite a few people who were dressed differently. Nothing wrong with that, just different. A bit like some people from Utah. Just some. Some old fashioned, but some more conservative. I also noticed personalized plates that had to do with religion. Quite telling. The religious connection.
  • I was almost hit by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s vehicle coming around a curve.
  • Went to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office to drop off my complaint form. So, I go out and there is a really large white truck parked outside. Oh no! Then it pulls away when I am at my car, and another large white truck pulls in. I also saw some cars that I recognized in the lot.
  • I realized that I was off a day as far as the close call went, so I sent in another form. Got a call from someone who looks into these things. Told him of the error.
  • A few sightings but not many.
  • Now, I will see what happens.
  • Did the person with hate not let this go.
  • What would someone do who hated me? I can name one other person who I know was doing strange things. Making a noose out of a rope that we had had for decades and putting it on the trashcan was a big sign.
  • I just find it HORRIBLE that so many people are breaking the law and stomping on our legal system………….even if someone is supposedly guilty. Like I said, what would someone do if they hated me enough? What could they do? I can come up with quite a few tricks using technology and maybe some “old fashioned” hateful things. Staff members from schools………………..
  • I HOPE that you would not just go by verbal gossip, but if it isn’t that….. I have never knowingly hurt another person. AND I am aware of everything that has ever happened the six weeks I was manic (and mildly a while after) and when I have been depressed. So, what happened? Oh that’s right, you are just supposed to take in the information whatever it is. Forget judge and jury, forget innocent until proven guilty, forget guilty until proven innocent. It is just GUILTY.
  • Shame on you. And I suppose all of that just makes it worse. Ah well………….c’est la vie. It is what it is…………Oh NO! There is that picture of Utah on my TV. No, no one wants to go to Utah. Seriously? Que sera sera…..whatever will be, will be.
  • Well, I am doing just fine. Don’t have a good day if you are stalking. And keep raising your kids to learn about vigilante justice. They are breaking the law just as you are. Wow. What if someone asks them do do this for the “wrong” cause? For a government? THIS is not what we do in the United States.
  • Look up what I say about someone snapping. Fools. Particularly law enforcement. YOU should know so much better. Just as far as someone snapping goes. It happens.
  • Anyone going through this is going to look crazy to relatives, but that is the idea.
  • Yep. My relatives who fought in WWII would cry.


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