This Makes Sense to You? Vigilante Stalker and Survivors. Mob Justice.

I just am so puzzled by how many people truly, truly believe I am a horrible person. There must be something awful out there. Here are my thoughts – though you are supposed to not see me, not hear me or speak to me unless you are playing your role or doing a job.

Okay – the first think I have to say is How can so many people be so STUPID as to stomp on our judge and jury system, our legal system. Even people who are supposed to uphold the legal system? HOW. Do you know how this could be used by ANY group for ANY reason. Judge, Jury , Verdict? No, just guilty. I don’t care what you believe, you are really stupid people. Ignorant.

I keep repeating this: HOW can you ALL be so stupid enough to allow kids to be around someone you are trying to push over the edge? SERIOUSLY! Some theorize that maybe a few people who “snapped” were going through this. I won’t even mention what someone could have because I never would but……………….I really don’t understand. Idiotic.

  • If this was going on in 2012-2013 (which it was, but at a different level), why didn’t this happen in 2014-2015 when I started substituting?
  • Why didn’t this happen in 2015-2016 when I worked a year for a school district in way up north Santa Rosa? Does that make sense? Oh, right. You are NOT supposed to think, question. Look at the “proof” and that’s that.
  • So…………..there are so many people, including a co worker from way up north, that there must be more than verbal stuff going around right? If it is just word of mouth, then you truly are ALL REALLY STUPID IDIOTS. Oh, now she is going to be told to watch out for me. Like the parent in 1997 who looked like she was going to faint. Chicken dropped out of the bottom of her cart and I picked it up and handed it to her.
  • 2012-2013 – Does that leader believe in Gangstalking now? Vigilante stalking. Did a worker look at the security tapes and go “nope” because they were one of these gangstalkers? Oh, now they will tell you something else to scare you. Brother! You looked white as a sheet at the theater.
  • Oh, 2012-2013 person. Did you know that the parent who I reported to Child Protective Services was either recording my voice or video? She was at the benches every day when I was taking the students to the RSP room. Trying to take the students to the RSP room. With my high pitched voice…………………………how could sound bites be used?
  • I KNOW my significant other taped my sister using his iPhone. If it’s something audio has anyone thought about how you can put together “tapes”. Digital makes it even easier, though there are still forensic people out there who can use equipment to tell.
  • So, my neighbor across the way brought up someone using pot, in relation to something else. What was I supposed to say? No, I haven’t but I do take four, FOUR medications to sleep (I am a responsible person – sleep comes first).
  • So, if there is video (why would she ask about marijuana? – though that could be audio), video would be impossible……………I have bipolar disorder. I remember every painful memory and mildly “off” things in 1997. Am I “just” being accused by someone? Oh, how difficult would that be. Oral accusation. Has anyone actually talked face to face with this person?
  • But, I come back to the “marijuana” sort of leading story. I was going to say I would be out of it after taking my pills – but no……….There have been times when I have taken them with only a few hours to sleep. NOT recommended. Funny, but I function pretty well. Must be adrenaline.
  • WHY did I have ONE night in my whole life last July when I could not wake myself up and I had horrific nightmares. Night terrors. And it had to do with creepy creatures. I told one sister because one of her kids had had night terrors. I knew that something had to be in my meds or Something……………..I looked up date rape drugs though none fit. I should have assumed that this was going to start up again soon. I was very scared of going to sleep the next night. Very. Hasn’t happened since, but I make sure that it won’t.
  • OR am I supposed to look back and tell about that night so people go, “See!”
  • Do you know that the person has gaslighting in their bedroom while they are asleep? If they take four meds like me. Yes, I can be woken up by an alarm clock, but not by someone sneaking in the room. Yeah, like when the theme was  safety pins and a big safety pin was put on the tie of my bathrobe.
  • I need to go into this in more detail (by the way, I did see the person who is the brother in law or was supposed to look like the brother in law, though I have no idea what he looks like now – in Sprouts. Out of the corner of my eye). I just know that when I was working on my teaching credential, I had a Sheriff stop his car by the Starbucks near Target and stare at me with hate. Maybe it was some Sheriff who couldn’t let it go. Couldn’t believe they had make a mistake. Has absolutely NO understanding of what mental illness is or that it can be treated and I do fine, thank you very much.
  • Do YOU KNOW that the ultimate goal of this is to destroy the person? I was going to spell it out, but I’d better be careful. Completely do away with the person.
  • Ooow. 72 hour hold. oooh 14 day hold. When I am DEPRESSED, I truly believe I am dying. I insist on it. I hated the blowhard psych for the 72 hours and faked it to get out. He is the only person I have ever walked out on. Yes, I could not take care of myself. That is a reason to admit someone. I have never been admitted because they thought I was a threat to anyone else. Technically it has been three times, but two were back to back. Sister realized that I still could not take care of myself.
  • I see African Americans doing this and I am totally flummoxed. What about the whole constitution thing. What about when evidence has not been submitted and they find out a few decades later that the person was innocent.
  • How any person with any intelligence can do this is totally beyond me. Seriously……………….totally beyond me. We have the system we do so things like this don’t happen. It’s called Mob Justice. Yeah, like the KKK.
  • So why was that official car in the Staples lot? I pondered that. I actually stopped and pondered. Oh………..then s/he would be behind me. So, did that mean you knew where I was? Wow! That would be stalking and harassment.
  • THIS is stalking people. All you have to do is drive by me to annoy or cause fear………………………I think this qualifies. Oh, there are so many of you it doesn’t matter? Think again. You ARE guilty. That is one reason you use your arms. Cowards. So, why doesn’t one person talk to me. Just one? Hmmm.

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